In the Rearview: December & 2012

This last month has been a complete blur. I'm glad I took the last week 'off' from blogging and whatnot as the roller coaster of nothingness was more than I had anticipated.
But it was a good kind of chaos. The kind that comes when there are too many family members, too much noise, kids everywhere, yummy food, cups overflowing with libations and me in a corner, quietly observing, basking in the proverbial warm glow of everyday life.

In December we celebrated 10 months since Carson's arrival by him getting his top two teeth and learning to walk. Oh.My.Lanta. When did this baby turn into a toddler? He just keeps getting bigger and time keeps ticking away. The SAHM season is turning out to be quite perfect indeed.
Sweet Pea and I had a 'mommy/daughter' date at the theatre to see the "Hot Chocolate Nutcracker" and I wore my favorite green cords. I shared some of my 2013 goals and  winter beauty necessities as well as my personal wish list to Santa! We got to meet yet another addition to our famdamily..... Baby Mason and take our friends some yummy treats! 

I spent a lot of time in Target , thinking about home decor and I wore a ridiculous amount leggings,sweaters and boots. Clearly these are my wardrobe staples. I have since dubbed the look "Lazy Cute"
Photo: Cozy sweater, leggings & boots #ootd #fromcarpoolstococktails
 My brother came out for a visit as did one of my besties so good times and laughter were in abundance. We played really hard and worked out the best way for this family to function....right now. Taking the last week of the year of for some introspection and reflection has done my spirit good and I'm excited about all the plans that were made and are being implemented.

Overall 2012 completely changed me. I became who I am meant to be and while I'm still growing in this current role I am finding & sharing my voice more than ever before. I feel like life is just really beginning.
There were many ups and downs this year the highlight being the birth and introduction of my mini man and the shock that the selling of my childhood home has brought.

As opposite as those two events are they managed to impact my life in a way I never saw coming. Obviously I knew having a baby would change things but I was unaware of how much my love for my little family would intensify.
D and I sat back the other night watching the kids play on the floor and just looked at each other. There was a brief meeting of the eyes and a quick look that said "WE did this. And it is good" and then a laugh as we thought of how far we have come....
Yes 2012 was a year of change all around, I re-named the blog, expanded my vision for it and became a contributor for Lucky  community as well as The Clever Girls network, She Heard and a couple others.
I know 2013 is looking good already and I am so hopeful for what God has in store for our little family of four.

What were the highlights of your last month of the year?


  1. I feel like Eric and I have more of those moments since having Frankie... we felt like we were a family before, but now I feel like she has cemented our resolve that we are a team... like, it's is against the world. more permanent and protective of out family unit....

    love this post. love you.

  2. saw you on circle of moms, voted for you :), and came for a visit.
    congrats on the adorable baby!!


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