Celebrate: A cake, some steak and lots of laughF

Getting older is something that seems to sneak up on us once we hit a certain age.
It seems like you spend your whole life wanting to 'be older' and then all of a sudden you are and you think: "gee I wish I could go back to ______(insert age of awesomeness here)"
My dad turned 70 on Sunday. It's kind of amazing.
I mean, SEVENTY is such a long time to be around. Especially in this day and age where it seems men are dropping like flies. So many of his friends and colleagues have passed on or are ailing so it was especially joyous to have him make such a significant milestone.
This man has experienced so much history it blows my mind.

Of course he would've loved to have let the day go by with no kind of fuss but alas, I am his daughter and I love to bake. So of course I had to make him a cake. Only something strange happened and my cake completely fell upon removal from the oven. And not just fell, but sort of sunk into itself and became a shell of what it could've been.

I was not pleased but it still tasted yummy and he enjoyed it so no big deal right? Not everything has to be 'blog photo perfect'.
There was also filet Mignon, baked potatoes, sauteed kale and his favorite Parker House rolls. Good times indeed. 
After dinner we played with the baby and watched a movie (perk of cooking dinner for a senior citizen = you eat early and can enjoy the rest of the evening!)  
It was quite a lovely evening to be honest. Simple and fun. He loved it.
If you've been reading this blog for some time you already know about me & my dad.

We're like peas & carrots. He is truly one of my best friends (aside from my hubby) and knows me way better than I'd care to really admit. He is open, honest and loving. He listens and offers advice when asked and not a moment sooner. He would give you the shirt off his back if you were cold and still asks me if I need gas money when I come to visit.
He is a stupendous "Papa" and his grand kids adore him and he them. It makes my heart happy to hear him howl with the laughter at their antics.

He used to be terribly shy and not super social but in the last few years we (the Dorsey's) have forced him out of his comfort zone and while he's not the life of the party, he will chat it up with you!

 I am so happy to have been able to spend some time with him on such a milestone occasion. 

Happy Birthday Daddy. I hope you enjoyed your day as much as we did spending it with you.
 We love you so. 


  1. Aww what a sweet tribute to your daddy! Happy birthday to him!

  2. Happy birthday to your daddy! He sounds like such a great man, and I know he had a wonderful day with you!

  3. From your description, your dad reminds me so much of mine!

    I really hope he enjoyed his day and may he see many more! (:


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