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Hey Girl, Heyyyyy

***Apparently this post was just hiding in my drafts from NOVEMBER! Yikes! But here it is now!

By some act of God I was able to score two nights out in November within in the same week!
Thank the heavens! I had been jonesing for an evening out with the ladies and finally, finally we were all able to squeeze it in!
Earlier in the week I hit up a shopping event at Madewell in South Coast plaza where I got to hang with some lovely ladies and try on some cute clothes.
I was so grateful for the time out (literally) and the chance to rock some fierce new booties.
Weeks before I had emailed all the ladies to see if we could get it together and get out for an evening out. Dinner, drinks, appetizers....whatever! Just so long as we could do it sans kids and significant others.
Imagine my delight when the email responses all came back with a resounding yes! All were available!
We ended up at the local Yard House. Nothing super fancy but the food is good and the drinks are on point so it …

Tuesday Style Inspiration

As I gather my thoughts for  my 2013 style resolutions and begin to purge my closet to get that ever elusive working wardrobe of my dreams, I have created yet another style inspiration pin board.
I had one previously but it was kind of a hodge podge so this particular one is dedicated to both blogger and celeb street style.
I like to see everyday women interpret the trends and make them work for them. (which is why I link up to WIWW)
I also like to see what the fabulous & glamorous set are wearing and figure out how I can make that work for me. Or rather what is it that I like and how I can make it my own.
It's like a puzzle of sorts.
So I decided to make a quick collage of some of the looks I'm really feeling lately.
It helps me when ultimately re-organizing my closet and drawers.

If I see a pattern I can hone in on it and immediately try to replicate the look on my own.
Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.
Either way I'm always inspired.

The other way I get …

Monday Link up: Mama Style

Y'all know Laura of AscotFriday and Target Does it Again? If not you need to. Click on the links after reading this post. Otherwise you will be in the black hole of the wonderful world of both of those sites. Well, she's hosting a link up about "mama style" and I decided to join in.

Y'all know I am all about breaking the "mommy style" mold and really working my wardrobe to figure out how to best incorporate my personal style along with my role as mama.

After having Sweet Pea I really struggled with my personal style. Hell, I didn't even realize I had a personal style at the time. It was 2002 and I was still hanging on tight to my college dress code so I pretty much just went with the masses. I had no idea  how to figure out a way to balance the trends  I loved with dressing "practically" for playing with a little one.

 It's only in the last few years that I've really developed my own style. I chalk that up to going to FIDM and then…

the "IT" list

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Daily Style: My New Favorite Jeans

A few weeks ago I broke down and purchased some new skinny jeans.
The last pair I purchased were circa 2006/2007 from my girlfriends now defunct clothing store.
To say that I was long overdue for a new pair is/was a bit of an understatement. But let's face it, jeans shopping is right up there with bathing suit shopping. A necessary evil that I'd just as soon skip as face head on. After trying on several styles I ended up with a pair from Joe's and I'm pretty pleased with them. They've got just the right amount of stretch and aren't so low waist-ed that if I bend over the whole school yard gets a glimpse of my skivvies. Good deal.

Paired with my favorite gauzy black button up and I felt as though I were channeling a little Gywneth Paltrow. Sort of.

The bag was another Nordstrom Rack find. Gawd I love that place.

Since the weather was still faltering between actual winter like temps and sunshiney warmth I threw on my long sought after military style jacket to giv…

What I Wore: Day Date

I mentioned the other day that the Mr. and I escaped got out for a lovely brunch minus the kiddos this past Sunday.
I was pretty jazzed at the thought of hobnobbing with the hipsters downtown, hanging with friends and having a day date with my man! I knew I wanted to wear high heels but was kind of torn as to which ones and since the weather was warming back up I even had the possibility of having my toes out! Eek!
Friday afternoon I scored some new ankle boots (more on those later) and I was kind of wanting to rock those for a little boho chic vibe but didn't like the overall look when I tried them on.

Option two was for sure more casual and along the lines of what everyone else was going to be wearing. For some reason I was not interested in looking like everybody else.
I wanted color. I wanted bold. I wanted fun.

I tried on only two shoe options prior to settling on my trusty Maxwell's.

The Mr. actually finalized the decision by boldly declaring that he "preferred the …

Sunday Funday: Birthday Brunch

Stop the presses.  I was able to eat breakfast all by myself and while it was still hot.  A rarity these days indeed. Let me back up..... Sunday we ventured to L.A. for the surprise birthday brunch of the Mr.'s BFF. Nestled atop a downtown high-rise  the aptly named Perch was like stepping into a friends cozy living room and enjoying a lovely meal. 

The living room" looked out onto a gorgeous patio that overlooked the city. The weather was perfect and the fact that it was sans kids made it that much more enjoyable.

I got a little carried away at the thought of an afternoon among adults only and strong desire to wear nice high heel.

It was nice to get out and have an early afternoon date with the Mr. and celebrate one of his oldest and dearest friends.

There's nothing like a leisurely Sunday brunch with some of your favorite folks.

Not to mention the yummy food and delicious beverages.

If you happen to be in the downtown Los Angeles and are in the mood for brunch I highly …

the "IT" list

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Outfit Post: Sweatshirt Chic

For Christmas all I asked for (from my Dad) was a gift card to Nordstrom or someplace that I wouldn't be compelled to buy things for the house or the kids. Ya know, just for me. (insert selfish mommy comments here)
It's a rarity to be able to shop by myself these days, let alone not think about prices, or buying things for the kids/house so you can imagine my excitement when I opened my gift and two shiny Nordy's cards were staring out at me. 

It helped that a few weeks prior I had run into Nordy's to return some pants, completed my transaction and was walking toward the elevator when I'm sure I let out an audible gasp.
There was this wicked looking sweatshirt in all it's leathery and shimmery glory.
  I knew then that I must make it mine and it was all I could think about when I saw those gift cards! Immediately I jumped online to make sure they had it in stock in my local store and was thrilled to find the second to last one in my size!

The metallic sheen wov…