New Year New Rules....Right?

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Not gonna lie, it's been a bit hard to get into the spirit of the season this year. Last year I was so ready for the year to be over as I was beyond ready to meet my little man and was prepared for Christmas shortly after Thanksgiving. This year not so much. I'm finally in the holiday spirit and am ready to just soak up & savor the moments.
It seems strange that this year is almost over. I kind of feel like it just began. And now that I'm getting my groove back......well, where has the blasted time gone? So much has happened this year and it feels as though it's been longer than 12 months.
Births of new babies, engagements, cross country moves of friends, quitting my job, focusing on my writing and family more than ever has been one for the record books for sure.
With the new year just around the corner I find myself inundated with lists of all kinds.
Mostly wishlists from my big kid and shopping lists for dinners and gifts for friends.
But I'm also thinking about my list for 2013. What do I want to accomplish next year?
What am I looking forward to? I'm not into the typical "lose 10 pounds" or "be more organized" because lets be honest, those are just typical flights of fancy. I want to be intentional with my goals and feel that if I put them out into the universe in hopes some of them may come true!

See the possibility #fromcarpoolstococktails
In 2013 I would like to:

  • get in quality family time.
  • buy a home
  • paint & customize some furniture
  • attend a blogging conference
  • explore paid/writing opportunities
  • book more weddings
  • write more
  • craft with Camryn
  • learn to sew (this has been on there for awhile but I figure since baby girl wants to learn we can do that together)
  • spend quality time with girlfriends
  • make the famdamily a priority

This is just a small sampling of my gigantic 'list-o-things' I want to work on. I'm bursting at the seams with excitement to see how many are checked off this time next year.

Now that I've shared some goals of mine for the coming year, tell me - What are some of yours?

I'll be taking a break next week to spend time with the family (my brother is in town and so are some of East Coast besties) and enjoying the winding down of this tumultuous year.
I may try to pop in and do a Christmas re-cap but since the Mr. and Sweet Pea will both be home we're just going to bask in the togetherness and enjoy all the friends and family in town!

Merry Christmas Y'all!


  1. Love your list! I have quite a few writing/blog goals and life goals, but in all of it my goal is to make things I do maintainable for the long haul rather than my usual "push really hard and burn out" method.

  2. We had some of the same goals to accomplish in the year to come. I've started making my list, as well as noting what I want to do mentally.

    I wish you well into the New Year!


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