Monday Miscellany: Weekend Snippets

Happy Monday Friends!
Oh what a wonderful day it is indeed!
Yes. I just typed that Monday was wonderful. What has gotten into me?
How was your weekend?
Ours was full of fun, family and yummy food. Really quite glorious in my mind.
Friday kicked it off with a lunch date with D and his co-workers.
I took the baby to the office to meet those who were unable to make it to lunch and he had a blast.
Of course the ladies all gushed over him and he loved all the holiday decor they had up!
I also got to break in my $19 lavender cords (thank you Old Navy) so I was super jazzed.

Saturday was a 'girls day' of sorts as Camryn and I had a date with my mother and godmother to see the Debbie Allen Dance Academy perform their Hot Chocolate Nutcracker.
The performance was at UCLA so it was a bit of trek from our house but totally worth it as usual.
We had a great time watching the show, singing along to the music and dancing in our seats.
I loved having that time to spend with my girl as well. 
Photo: Love her so #sweetpea #fromcarpoolstococktails
Our mommy daughter dates have been few and far between as of late so it was nice to get in some QT.
Of course we took a ton of pictures (come back Wednesday to see what we wore!) and even had a mini photo session on the campus grounds.

This was the second time we've seen this production and it was just as good as the first.Possibly even better for me because I wasn't 7 months pregnant with a baby pushing on my bladder.
Afterwards we stopped for lunch at Islands and chatted about 'girl stuff'. Good times indeed.

Sunday was another fun day. 
D and I spent the afternoon having a Lord
Our good friends, the Muhammad's welcomed their second child, a boy, into the world this past Tuesday. Because of the baby we couldn't make it to the hospital so we decided to take them a quick and easy dinner (Chicken Tortilla Soup) and some delicious muffins for breakfast 
Why don't more people bring breakfast items for those that have just had babies or any kind of surgery? I mean, dinner is great and we all appreciate it but what do we eat for the rest of the day?
After Carson was born I was so grateful for all the meals we were blessed with and could not stop raving about my friend Amber's muffins and fresh fruit she included for breakfast!
It was a saving grace! So I decided to return the favor!
We got to visit with the proud parents and baby Mason and he is absolutely delicious. I am already in love with this kid.

He was so alert and so very tiny. 
We all oohed and ahhed over his cute little nose, tiny legs and curly hair. He is a doll.
 Even though Carson is only 9 months old it seems like a lifetime ago that he was that small!
How is time just flying by so quickly?
Carson was not really interested in baby Mason until he saw his Daddy holding him and even then he was indifferent.
I loved seeing D snuggle a newborn yet again and it made my heart overflow to see all the little babies playing together.
I love that they are all around the same age and will be lifelong famdamily!
There is something about a new life coming into the world that makes every little 'problem' seem so insignificant compared to the fact that there is now another being in our lives to lavish love on.
Truly magical and evoking of the holiday spirit.
Once again my cup runneth over.

What did you all do this weekend?
Anything fun?


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