Style Post: Nine months gone!

Hard to believe I'm nine months postpartum today. Yep. Nine whole months. Fully dressed and back in all of my clothes. Seems like just yesterday I was happy I showered, put on mascara and pants that didn't have an elastic waist band. Now, here I am nine months later with my updated mommy chic style in full effect.
I've worked through dressing my ever changing postpartum body and rediscovered & grown my style in the process. I'm feeling good about how my body is looking these days and its starting to show up in my outfits.
Today I took Carson for his nine month well baby check up and was torn between wanting to be comfy in a sweat suit/leggings or actually getting dressed and show off my Fall style.  Well, basically, just dress like I was actually going somewhere grander than Fresh & Easy. On Sunday I'd pulled a couple of looks (ooh don't I sound like an 'in-the-know' stylist type) for the rest of the week which was great as I was having second thought my leggings and reverted back to my original outfit plan:
Skinny cargo's, a button down shirt and yet another pair of Sole Society booties.

Top: Forever 21 (old)
Pants: Mavi Skinny Cargo's
Necklace: Custom piece

*photos courtesy my daughter

I felt good all day. My pants were comfortable and practical for toting around a baby while the button down added some polish to what could be a generally mundane outfit.
And the booties, pretty much a perfectly practical shoe.
I love it!

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