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One Day at Hollywood Housewife

Wednesday I took time out to revel in the mundane. I joined in with the Hollywood Housewife for her One Day photo challenge. The task was simple, take photos all day long and just use the hashtag #onedayhh to join in the fun. There were +1000 photos with that hashtag. Kind of amazing.  Most of the images were captured on my cell phone (sorry for the low quality) but not all made it on to IG thanks to spotty network coverage in the house.
I loved it because it reminded me to stop and savor the moments I have all day long.
Moments with my son; watching him play, learn and discover.
To pay closer attention to my daughter and her ever growing mind, answer her questions and ask some of my own.
Enjoying my husband, our conversations and his presence in our life.
Really reflecting on my new normal at this stage in my life.

6:30ish: Dragged myself out of bed to get up work it out with Jillian while hoping the baby stays asleep long enough for me to finish.

8ish - Someone is enjoying his blueberry smash

8:15 - Ready for school the "Princess" is so not about the drama. She does love her colored jeans though.

Finally coffee. Breakfast and morning routine were crazy so it took a bit longer to get here. Can't find my phone.
9am Playtime. PBS Kids & blocks. Everyday is a party for this kid.

10am: Nap time necessities - coffee, books, baby monitor & iPad to do some blog brainstorming

12pm Target run - so many cute things! I want them all! However I did stick to my list, this time.

2pm: Dinner already in the crockpot! Kind of one my game today! Chicken Tortilla Soup for all!

3:30pm - afternoon carpool and mail pickup; Good mail day for me! Target Beauty Box and the new InStyle - usually it's just bills.

6pm: Daddy's home. Best time of day!

8:30pm - Score! Washer & dryer delivered thanks to my dad's move!

9:40pm Stealing a few moments alone at the local Barnes & Noble to peruse some home decor inspiration.

Home a little after ten and in bed by 11pm.
Pretty much my day in a nutshell. It was kind of fun to look through my day through a different filter so to speak. Really look at it. Take joy in all the moments and pay attention to the details Capture the moments as they happen but still be a participant. It made a 'regular' day that much more special and meaningful.
I had a good time and definitely think this is something I could explore further as there are still more photos that weren't posted to IG.

What does a day in your life look like? Would you take part in this type of photo challenge?


  1. lol at the blueberries all over the lil one



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