My Sweet Sunday: The Boy

It's been pretty amazing to be able to hang out with this little human each day.
Watching him grow day by day and being able to document it makes my heart happy.
He is so full of curiosity and wonder. His favorite thing is to bang any of his toys together and marvel in all the different sounds they make against different objects.
We spend our mornings playing and exploring the house. He tests out his sea legs with cruises around the couch. I love to watch his face while he discovers each new ability. His facial expressions are priceless. His laughter full of sunshine and toothy grins are not to be missed. And his voice! So many things to say each day for such a little man!
Sure there are the trying, refusing to nap, telling me off in his baby language and climbing all over the place and throwing off the schedule moments, that are enough to 'make me wanna holler' I simply remind myself to just "Let it Be" as these moments will not last forever and just of roll with it.
I am in my sweet spot with him.
I'm not really sweating the small stuff anymore. I'm enjoying it.
This point of understanding his cries and whines. Communicating in our own way. Experiencing his unabashed love for his surroundings, family, food and his toys. The familiarity of routine in our day. A few surprises here and there.  The sleeping wars are still being waged but with much less conviction on his part most days. We are breaking ground. I am getting more rest and it feels good.
He's turning me into a bit of a morning person. I get up early, do some yoga, shower, dress and begin my day. Some days I'm lucky and am able to get in some writing before he wakes up and still manage to get everyone out of the house on time. Most days I'm not.
It's okay, I'm flexible about that.
He appears to be getting teeth again. Which is not surprising considering he enjoys a variety of foods. I rejoice in his robust appetite and appreciation for different flavors. I can only hope his palate becomes that much more sophisticated.
He is a very social baby and enjoys spending time with all the ladies in his life.

Watching him with his sister and hang on her every move. The look on her face when he does something funny or she sees him for the first time.

Photo: He loves her so #siblinglove #littlebrother #bigsister #myloves @ddorsey5

His excitement over seeing his father is more than he can handle each day. The moment Damon hits the door there are squeals of excitement coming from Carson's direction.

It melts my heart.
This is definitely our sweet spot.
We are all so much more (present,connected,in love,patient,feeling), so much better because this little boy came into our lives and turned it upside down.
It's been kind of an awesome experience so far.


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