Monday Miscellany- Scenes from the Weekend

I don't know about y'all but this time change is smooth kicking my ass.
I was dragging all day Sunday. But then I'm not sure if it was really the time change or the couple margaritas I had Saturday night?
Who knows.
I awoke in great spirits both Friday and Saturday morning as Baby Ninja decided he'd go ahead and sleep all.night.long.
Hallelujah and praise the Lord!
I was downright giddy when I woke up on Friday after realizing I hadn't once gotten up in the middle of the night! So when he did the same thing Friday night I was ready to bust out my tap shoes and dance a jig right then and there! This has not happened in, oh I don't know, EVER!
Sure it may have been a fluke but those two days helped me to look not as tired this weekend so I'll take it!
Go baby, go!
Still smiling I checked my email and was equally delighted to discover that Lucky Magazine Community had published not one but two of my articles! Whoop Whoop! Love that!

Nothing like seeing your name and "brand" out there in the internet for all to see. Gives me some sense of validation, maybe, that someone might be interested in what I write on all levels?
 By Friday evening I was in such a good mood I decided, despite the ridiculous amount of Halloween candy we have, to bake some cookies for my family. Specifically to make a pizookie - if you're not familiar it's a pizza/cookie topped with vanilla ice cream and whip cream.

Pretty much heaven in your mouth. It was super delish and the familia was pleased.
Saturday was super fun as we headed to a "Mummy Mash" baby shower for our dear friends the Muhammad's. They will be welcoming their baby boy into this world in December so a costume party was in order! I do love any reason to get extra use out of the kids Halloween costumes.
There was all kinds of cuteness overload happening at the fiesta and it was great to see all our friends and family spending a fun afternoon/evening together.
I chose not to wear a full on costume but still rocked a pair of 50th anniversary golden ears to give my outfit a little something extra!

It was great to see my sisters-in-love and have them spend time loving on their nephew. He was not so excited about the love. Much more interested in pulling hair and having snacks.
He did however, keep his costume on for quite some time and didn't even pull at the hat until after someone tried to fix it and he realized it was there!

One of my SIL's and my two nieces slept over and we had a lovely, lazy Sunday morning having breakfast, chatting and playing with the baby until they had to leave.
We were all still a bit groggy, our bodies adapting to the change in hour, so D decided we should just order some dinner. I was more than okay with that.

Suffice to say dinner was delicious and ridiculously early. I was not complaining as I had zero energy or imagination for cooking.
Today was a most wonderful & relaxing day.

How was your weekend?


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