Midweek Mingle

I had the pleasure of attending the Madewell fashion event hosted by Pollinate Media Wednesday night at the beautiful South Coast Plaza. It's one of my favorite malls and used to be one of my go to shopping meccas back when I lived in the LBC.
I've been all over the place this week, full of ideas and motivation but lacking in time so I was truly looking forward to a little mixing and mingle with some like minded women!
There was tons of pretty jewelry and gorgeous clothes.

Mingling and networking is both comfortable and awkward for me. I'm incredibly social and I love to meet new people but am always hesitant at introducing myself. I get nervous and can be terrible with names.
Last night however was warm and welcoming and just an all around good time.
I met some lovely ladies and scored a wicked pair of  green cords. #winning

So excited about those. They were so soft and comfortable. It was like wearing pajamas.
I got to catch up with my friend Andrea ,

'officially' meet Mandy ,play a little dress up and get a
wicked deal on some cute threads!
Oh and did I mention there was champagne?

And Cupcakes?
I also re-created this outfit with a few twists. More on that later.

Everyone loved my shoes. I love my shoes.

So, so excited about them.
It was nice to put on my heels and be kind of a hot mama for a change. Especially in the middle of the week! I do love a midweek meet up don't you? It's just the pick me up I needed to get my head out of the clouds and get on my j-o-b!

Tell me, how do you normally get over the hump?


  1. So nice to OFFICIALLY meet! AND so jealous about those cords! SO hot on you!


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