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In the Rearview :November

This will be a recurring series I will feature at the end of each month. I used to look back over my journal entries every few weeks/month and kind of see where I had been and what was going on and get some perspective for the future.
I decided to adopt a similar philosophy on the blog at the end of each month to wrap things up and showcase all the highlights.

I can't believe the month is over already. It has literally flown by. Christmas will be here and then New Year's before I know it. Looking back over the past few weeks I have been all over the map.
Emotionally and mentally. I feel like my mind is racing at all times.
Sleep has gotten better and more consistent which I love.
I've gotten back into a morning workout routine and have maintained getting up early to shower and dress for the day for the whole month! (this is impressive. I am not a morning person)
It seems to be working. I think the morning yoga is definitely helping. It's not just a workout routine it he…

Outfit Post: Thanksgiving style

Please note: The title can only properly be said in my Psy "Gangnam Style" voice "Oppa Thanksgiving style....Ehhhh Sexy Lady....." Speaking of Psy - did y'all seem him perform with MC Hammer at the American Music Awards last weekend?  So good. I was all "oh heyyy Hammer pants are making a comeback" and then two seconds later there was MC Hammer!  What the what! Totally off the subject but still......great performance and catchy song none-the-less. So....Thanksgiving: Last year I was all kinds of big and preggers allowing me to spend the day in a sweater, leggings and some cute boots. And eat to my hearts content. This year I wanted to wear something fun and girly but didn't want to be too over the top. I mean, this is my family after all and there is no reason to get brand new for some folks who've seen me in my pj's more times than I can count. I also wanted to still have some wiggle room to get wild with my food intake and stuf…


Oh the Monday after Thanksgiving, it's like being semi hungover and having to go to work the next day. No bueno.
This morning was a bit rough getting everyone out of the house after being off for an entire week.
I really enjoyed the moments and took a bit of time off from all my social media (sort of) and just focused on my family. The days seemed to both speed and drag by. By Saturday I was so confused about what day it was it didn't even register the next day was Sunday until my husband asked about dinner for the week.

We spent Thanksgiving out in the Valley at D's cousin's house and as usual there was an abundance of food and family all about the house.
(I made Mac & Cheese and a few Sweet Potato pies)

But there was so much love and a sense of family that was overflowing , it made my heart happy to see everyone bustling about.  For once I didn't stuff myself (chalk it up to feeding the baby and trying to eat at the same time) so I was able to walk away and n…

Style Post: Nine months gone!

Hard to believe I'm nine months postpartum today. Yep. Nine whole months. Fully dressed and back in all of my clothes. Seems like just yesterday I was happy I showered, put on mascara and pants that didn't have an elastic waist band. Now, here I am nine months later with my updated mommy chic style in full effect.
I've worked through dressing my ever changing postpartum body and rediscovered & grown my style in the process. I'm feeling good about how my body is looking these days and its starting to show up in my outfits.
Today I took Carson for his nine month well baby check up and was torn between wanting to be comfy in a sweat suit/leggings or actually getting dressed and show off my Fall style.  Well, basically, just dress like I was actually going somewhere grander than Fresh & Easy. On Sunday I'd pulled a couple of looks (ooh don't I sound like an 'in-the-know' stylist type) for the rest of the week which was great as I was having second t…

One Day : My new "normal"

Wednesday I took time out to revel in the mundane. I joined in with the Hollywood Housewifefor her One Day photo challenge. The task was simple, take photos all day long and just use the hashtag #onedayhh to join in the fun. There were +1000 photos with that hashtag. Kind of amazing.  Most of the images were captured on my cell phone (sorry for the low quality) but not all made it on to IG thanks to spotty network coverage in the house.
I loved it because it reminded me to stop and savor the moments I have all day long.
Moments with my son; watching him play, learn and discover.
To pay closer attention to my daughter and her ever growing mind, answer her questions and ask some of my own.
Enjoying my husband, our conversations and his presence in our life.
Really reflecting on my new normal at this stage in my life.

6:30ish: Dragged myself out of bed to get up work it out with Jillian while hoping the baby stays asleep long enough for me to finish.

8ish - Someone is enjoying his blueber…

Featured: Lucky Magazine

Happy Thursday everyone!
Just a quick update to let you all know that my posts about Mixing it up with Maxwell & Madewell along with my Closet Classics were featured over at Lucky Magazine's community section today!
I love getting those notifications in my inbox! Makes for such wonderful feeling and adds excitement to the day!

So please go check out my posts. Tell a friend. Tweet about it. Share it on Facebook.
Ya know, show a sista some love!

It'd be greatly appreciated.

Thankful Thursday

The last few days have been a flurry of activity around these parts. In regard to furniture and decor that is. I mentioned before that due to my parents both moving we are inheriting some quality furniture, appliances and other family heirlooms which is all kinds of awesome. However we had to get rid of our current pieces to make room for the new stuff and that has been kind of a slow process.
We sold our buffet/sideboard and we spent most of Saturday boxing up currently unused bar ware cleaning and re-organizing the kitchen, which turned into rearranging things in the living room and making more space for activities!
We were happy to help someone else out and sell our washer and dryer last week. (bonus: great excuse not to do laundry for awhile. downside: laundry piled up)
Thankfully my dad was finishing up his move and had the movers come out to our house and drop of this lovely set!

Pretty much brand new front loading stack-able washer and dryer! So stoked about this! I can also ta…

Style Post: Mixing it up with Maxwell & Madewell

We all know I'm in love with my boyfriend jeans and am all about finding different ways to style them. I posted about this outfit a few weeks ago and was lucky enough to have the opportunity (and the pieces) to recreate it at a Madewell shopping event I attended last week.

Top: 14th & Union via Nordstrom Rack Bottoms: AG Cropped Ex-Boyfriend Shoes: Maxwell by Sole Society Bracelets: H&M Clutch: H&M

I wanted to be comfortable and still feel like I was dressed enough for a fun evening but not overly done for the middle of the week.

I loved how it turned out! Very me; casually comfortable yet feminine, somewhat bohemian and a little bit of trend. At almost nine months postpartum and I'm really getting into my mommy style groove and that feels good. I love clothes I feel comfortable in and still feel like I look good!

These spiked Maxwell booties from Sole Society are my current favorite 'dress up' shoe.
I've been wearing them everywhere! A welcome addition to …

Midweek Mingle

I had the pleasure of attending the Madewell fashion event hosted byPollinate Media Wednesday night at the beautiful South Coast Plaza. It's one of my favorite malls and used to be one of my go to shopping meccas back when I lived in the LBC.
I've been all over the place this week, full of ideas and motivation but lacking in time so I was truly looking forward to a little mixing and mingle with some like minded women!
There was tons of pretty jewelry and gorgeous clothes.

Mingling and networking is both comfortable and awkward for me. I'm incredibly social and I love to meet new people but am always hesitant at introducing myself. I get nervous and can be terrible with names.
Last night however was warm and welcoming and just an all around good time.
I met some lovely ladies and scored a wicked pair of  green cords. #winning

So excited about those. They were so soft and comfortable. It was like wearing pajamas.
I got to catch up with my friend Andrea ,


Closet Classics: Boyfriends, Blazers and a White Tee

Can we just talk about how I'm totally smitten with boyfriend jeans these days? They have now made it onto my list of wardrobe staples for this season of my life and are the perfect anchor to pair with both edgy and classic pieces to up the ante on any occasion.
The classic combo of a White Tee, Boyfriend Jean and Black Blazer are in pretty heavy rotation in my wardrobe. I love how all these pieces can be worn together or separately for simple yet chic ensembles.
White Tee + Boyfriend Jeans + Blazer + Nude pumps:  A great outfit for Back to School Night or Open House. It doesn't scream I'm trying too hard and allows me to still  be casual enough to not freak out if the kids (or me) spill something.  It can also take me out to dinner with my husband by adding some glamorous accessories.
White Tee + BF Jeans + Ankle Boots: I love this outfit for a switch in looks. Pairing the wedge booties with sleek sunnies and some funky jewelry makes this outfit easy for an afternoon lunch …