The Weekend

I love the weekend. I really do.
Even though I'm a mother and don't really have "days off " I just like having Babe around and hanging out with the kids and our friends.
We generally catch up on the DVR or watch movies on Friday night and this weekend was no exception.
We rented The Avengers, The Five-Year Engagement and the Katy Perry Movie: Part of Me.
I had never seen the Avengers so I was pretty jazzed about that.
The Five-Year Engagement was also pretty funny and Babe and I enjoyed it.
The girl and I had a date at the hair salon on Saturday so I got some quality time in with her.
That made me happy.
I also have new hair which is making me feel pretty dang good right about now, I must say.
Sweet Pea also loved her hair.
She was rocking her curls like nobody's business.
I love how grown up she is becoming but it makes me a little sad because she's not really my 'baby' anymore.
She is a young lady.
She and I watched the Katy Perry movie together and sang along to the songs and it made me happy to have that time alone with her.
Sunday is always football day at our house but instead of laying around the house in pj's, this time we switched it up and went to hang out with the famdamily.
The weather was awesome and I finally got to rock some colored jeans I bought eons ago!
Football, good food and great friends made for an excellent evening!
The kids were able to run/crawl around and enjoy themselves without us having to worry about them.
Carson even got to pet a puppy! He was super gentle and wanted to hug her paw.
My heart just about melted at that.
I'm loving this season we are all in and that we have great friends to enjoy our daily life with.

I also got a fabulous text from one of my mafia girls and she had her baby girl yesterday!
I jumped up and down when I saw it and got tears in my eyes.
So happy for them!

How was your weekend?


  1. What a great weekend! We had a great family weekend as well! Thankfully ours is a three day this weekend so today we're snuggled up in the house since it is in the 50s and raining. Yay fall!


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