Polished & Playful : Re-Defining Mommy Chic

At this stage in my life, most of my friends have kids in a range of ages.
From newborn to teenager.
And we are all trying to manage it all and look good while doing it.
I've noticed that while there are a ton of fashion blogs dedicated to street style and trends there aren't a ton out there for women like us. 
Mothers who want to be stylish and not spend a fortune on of the moment pieces.
Women who desire to make the transition from carpools to cocktails seamless with a quick switch of the shoes and swipe of eyeliner or mascara.
A few blogs that I enjoy by women who are also mothers are Good Life for Less, Penny Pincher Fashion, and For the Love Of...
These ladies are all varied in their personal style but I appreciate the efforts they put into looking good and still be realistic about their daily lives.
I'm sure there are more than what I know but it seems like a lot that I've come across, don't dress for real life.
And by real life, I mean, running errands, chasing after children, cooking dinner and the like.
Not saying that you can't look fabulous and still be a mother but let's be honest, when your kids are small wearing heels all day everyday isn't always practical.
I love my heels and try to find reasons to wear them as much as possible (lest I forget how to walk in them) but I also have to dress practically for where my day actually takes me.
While chatting with my BFF the other day (and brainstorming blog name ideas) we were talking about how our lives are really about going from one event to another with minimal effort.
Thus, From Carpools to Cocktails was born.
It got me thinking about her fashion as well. Michelle is a super casual, laid back California girl, living on the East Coast with her hubby and two kids. 
She's a massage therapist so she's super casual and still retains her beach blond ways a midst the  East Coast preppy set.
So I thought why not come up with a few outfit boards just for her!
Our styles are similar but the details are different and she's much more bohemian/beachy than I am.
Not to mention, she has totally different weather to deal with and needs to layer much more than I ever would out here.

bootsfall..pop of color

I can fully see Michelle rocking each of these ensembles as they're not too fussy, appeal to her sense of causality and can easily be glammed up for an impromptu date with her hubby.
The different layers are perfect for wearing from early fall into winter with a heavier coat.

How do you define your Mommy Style?


  1. LOVE! Just my style as well. And I completely agree, a lot of fashion bloggers are not very mommy practical! You hit it out of the park with these outfits though, totally doable!

  2. i'm not a mommy and i would rock all of these looks!


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