It's been roughly 243 days
34 weeks
8 months that we've been a family of four.
This little boy is changing my life minute by minute.
He is full of discovery and wonder.
His voice is being discovered and he loves to express himself to anyone within earshot.
He is full on crawling these days and no obstacle is too big, no crevice to small. He is determined to get where he is going at all times.
He laughs uncontrollably at the funniest times and finds his sister funniest of all.
We are enjoying his developing personality and the ridiculous faces he makes.
Food is always a source of joy for him as is banging toys together to see what sounds they make.
We are still shocked that the time seems to be going by as fast as it is. And that he continues to hit milestones to the extent that I feel as though I can't keep up with all that he is doing!
Having two is definitely a different experience but I love to watch him with his father and his sister and how happy he is to crawl over them, offer his pacifier to share or squeal with delight when they enter the room.
I never knew I could feel the same about another child the way I do my Sweet Pea so its such a delight to spend time with him each day and re-discover mommy things along the way.
My experience with boys being quite little, I am surprised in all the ways he/they are different from the little girls I know and from his sister. Perhaps I am tired and have forgotten all of her nuances and behavioral quirks but these kids are like night and day. Yet, they are also quite similar.
It's funny to see so much of my husband in him as well. I love the way they sit (as much as you can sit with a mobile 8 month old) together and make similar faces. The way their hair curls the same direction and the mutual love in their eyes.
I really feel my cup running over these days.
Sure, there are things I could complain about (has anyone seen my good night's sleep?) but I am focusing on the positive this time around. I'll get back to sleeping in on Saturdays at some point but these days its more about the time we spend as a family.
Relaxing on the weekend while catching up on movies, dining al fresco for a yummy dinner, hanging out with our friends and their families.
These are the moments I want to focus on.
So when I look back in 8 years, I want to say wow, 8 months was such an amazing time.


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