Bootie, Bootie, Bootie rock it everywhere!

Y'all know how I love my shoes. Always have and always will.
I have a whole board dedicated to them on Pinterest (naturally) and have been drooling over them for as long as I can remember. (we can blame my god-sister who used to work at Charles David).
But lately, I have become obsessed with booties.
Obsessed I tell you!
I have 3 pairs and am currently pining over another pair.
If you saw my post on Mandy's blog about my top 5 must have picks for this fall you've seen my most recent purchase.
The Heather from Sole Society is rocking my world right now. They also come in black as well. Thinking about adding those to the collection.
You know because: "If you like it, buy it in every color"
 (sidebar: for the low price of $69.95 I can certainly afford to! Holla!)

Heather in Dark Spice by @Sole SocietyHeather via @Sole Society
The wedge bootie is a new attraction for me and while I loved seeing it on others, I was unsure how I would feel about it on myself.
Anyone else ever have that problem?
But alas, the weather was finally cool enough for me to wear them this past week and I LOVED them.
They paired perfectly with my skinny cargo pants and were easy to walk in while pushing the stroller and comfy while cruising Costco with the kids.
For me, this is the ultimate "mom shoe" for Fall.

I also own the Brescia but they don't make those anymore.
LOVE these
This pair truly sparked my interest in booties as I loved how stylish and simple they were.
I wore them out for date night with a sparkly skirt and loved the edgy vibe they were giving off.

This is me being edgy and fierce - please excuse the laundry basket in the background
However, they do have the equally awesome (and lust worthy) Helena in Chili Red and Black 
Helena via @Sole Society
Which are just as snazzy and I'm kind of crushing on as well.
And then there is the Aster in Smokey
Hello Lover
I am a smitten kitten.
Aster by @Sole Society
They remind me of the Mark +James by Badgley Mischka booties Ashley over at Pursuit of Shoes just scored from Nordstrom Rack.
I can see myself wearing these with boyfriend jeans and a simple tee & blazer or some skinny jeans and a chambray top.
The beauty of the ankle bootie is that it pretty much goes with everything.
Not even kidding. Everything. A dress, a skirt, jeans, skinny cargo's, leggings.
It's all fair game. And it doesn't matter how long or short your legs are because they don't come past the ankle bone (for the most part) and they still look great!
If you've been following this blog for awhile you also may know how much I love Sole Society.
I first talked about them here, here and then here and if you haven't already signed up for Sole Society go HERE NOW!
They offer on trend shoes, free shipping both ways and each day is a new shoe!
I am huge fan as a major part of my closet is filled with their shoes (8 at last count) and I love every single pair.
Also - being a mom I don't often have time to spend hours trying on shoes the way I used to and this allows me to buy at my leisure and since they style them in a real way it gives me ideas on how to rock them!
I love that!

How do you feel about the wedge/ankle bootie?
Have you bought any?


  1. LOVE Sole Society booties! All these options are fab!!
    Nikki at

  2. I like all these options you've given! I'm going to have to try some on at a store so I can be POSITIVE they don't give me a stumpy looking leg. I feel like your legs are slender so they work but I don't know how my leg shape will do. (I have no idea what I'm even saying lol)

  3. Obsessing over those booties over here too... I dont think you even needed to worry about making them work on you. I recently bought a pair and feared that small ankles would look ridiculous in them :/


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