Truer words have never been spoken....
My teenage best friend was in a way my first real relationship.
I think most women can relate to this. Female friendships are way more complicated than any male/female relationship will ever be. Your best friend is truly a love of your life.  You spend all your time together, you know everything about each other and figure out life together. No one can hurt you more or make you feel better.
Mine was no exception. I met Christina when we were both fifteen and at a crossroads in our life.
Neither had a really close "best friend" at our high schools and we sort of gravitated towards each other at our Jack &Jill meetings. It wasn't until the summer of '95 that we became really close. Sleeping over at each others houses for the first time and confiding in one another.
In a short time we were inseparable. If it was Friday night (or Saturday) she was at my house or I was at hers. We had a shared love for reading and shoe shopping which only grew as we got older. (Bonus: we wear the same shoe size!)
We epitomized Cher & Dionne from Clueless (in our minds) and went out of our way to emulate them.
Like all friendships ours was a rocky one. There were times she was upset with me and I was unsure why. Looking back I see how I was insensitive to her feelings and my sarcasm could've been hurtful. We were growing each and every day and we had no idea how to handle the onslaught of angsty teenage emotions we were experiencing.
Then we graduated high school and everything changed again. I moved to Atlanta for school and she stayed here. We were in constant contact with letters and phone calls and I could not wait to come home and be re-united with her (almost as much as I wanted to see my BF).
That summer we hung so tough it was hard to separate us then I got ready to head back to school yet again. Over the years we would play that game several times. One of us heading off somewhere while the other stayed behind. Still keeping in touch and lending an ear for venting, laughter and girly conversation. When I had my daughter and moved back to California we were re-united but things had changed. I was a mother and very unsure of my place in this world. She was a recent college grad with big dreams of grad school and saving the world. But there was always shopping & book reading to bring us back together. Always.
When I moved into my first place on my own she was there to load up her car with my many shoe boxes and help me unpack and get organized. I loved that her family used leave the front door unlocked inviting me to barge in whenever I was in the neighborhood. We would go out for drinks and fancy dinners and talk into the wee hours of the morning and it was like no time had passed. But then life got in the way and we spent less time together in person and more time chatting via email, text and social sites.
We are not as close as we once were as our lives have taken different paths. We have always remained in each others lives. A constant comfort and resource if you will. I always knew she was there for me and I hope she knew/knows I am here for her.
And now she's moving across the country and it makes me sad. I am completely thrilled for her and her new adventure. I know she's wanted to make this move for some time and I am happy to see her step out of her comfort zone yet again and make her dreams come true.
But her leaving Cali? That's like the end of an era.

To my Beavis - I am so happy for you I don't know what to do with myself. Watching you grow and live your life YOUR way (even from a distance) is so amazing. I am so proud of the woman you've become and thrilled that we were who we needed to be for each other at the right time. My teen years would not have been the same without you.
As you embark on this new journey I wish you all the best. I hope you know that I am always here for you, no matter how far, or time of day.
BRATS for life.
All my love,


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