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Loving Lately: Around the House

It's late and I've been kinda "on one" and burning the candle at both ends with all that is going on in behind the scenes here.
I have smidgen of writers block. Concepts are there but I can't articulate further than a few sentences. I checked out my new Twitter friend Carly over atLipgloss and Crayons  and decided to join her Loving Lately weekly link up with KristenNiki&Rachel  . I figured I could handle writing about what I'm all about these days as it wouldn't require me to be so pithy. Let's start with dessert shall we?
Churro Cupcakes. Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. These are so ridiculously good I don't even know what to do! I made a spice cake for my hubby's birthday barely a week ago and had some of the cream cheese frosting leftover. Damon and Camryn decided that I should use that left over frosting to cover a cupcake of some kind and left it up to me to choose. Even though I LOVE red …

Friday's Stylish Mama Spotlight: Heather Myers of River&Bridge

Y'all know about my desire to achieve some semblance of balance in the whole mom/work/life realm but I tend to find myself lacking most days. So I asked a bunch of my friends if I could interview them and find out how they juggle their balancing acts!
First up is the fabulous Heather Myers.

Heather and I met about a year ago at Blog Sugar through one of my wedding photographers. She is all around awesome. Heather is a mom of two (Hudson - 4 and London 18 months)
(check her out in those fabulous lavender skinnies! How cute is her family?!)

has a full time gig outside of home and her own freelance design company!

She is wicked funny and has great style to boot! She recently created some new business cards for me and they turned out amazing! Here's a little more about her and she goes "From Carpools to Cocktails"

What is your job title? / what do you do? I work full-time as a pre-press manager for a commercial printing company in Orange County.  Basically, I ensure that t…

Thursday Thoughts: Home Design on My Mind

A few weeks ago I took a quiz on the HomeGoodswebsite about what my decorating style really was. I know what I'm drawn to but it doesn't always jibe with my budget or real life living with a husband, a soon to be toddler and a tween.
Turns out based on the images I picked I am Vegas Baby and a touch Sassy.
Who knew? But if you read the descriptions they are pretty spot on with my personality but I also think I have a touch of Urban Funk as I like to incorporate interesting and eclectic pieces into the mix as well.
So while I'm glad to sort of have a better understanding of my decorating style it's still a bit complicated to put it all into play.
Especially living where we do.
I'm so looking forward to moving
(hold me to that will you,when I'm 20 boxes deep and can't remember where I stuck my Dutch oven?)
well let me re-phrase; I'm looking forward to having a space that belongs to us and allows us the freedom to decorate/demolish how we see fit.
We love t…

What I've Worn: Button Ups & Skinny jeans

This week has been all about working my closet. Whispering's of fall-like weather has me reaching for old favorites and bringing them to life with fresh pieces that keep me excited about my wardrobe!

I finally found the perfect denim top to wear with my hot pink skinnies. Perfect pop of color on a cloudy day and functional for chasing after Baby Ninja.
I'm a little obsessed with my leopard flats.  They always add a little something fun to an outfit.

Top: Merona for Target Jeans: Old Navy Rockstars Shoes: Mossimo for Target
Yesterday, I managed to get showered before the kids woke up so I quickly threw some clothes and set about my day.  A need to run errands got me out of my earlier "ensemble" so I grabbed my favorite pair of black skinnies and a relaxed button up shirt. 
I actually haven't worn these jeans since before getting pregnant. I was excited to find that they fit!

While I wanted to be cute, I didn't want to be stuffy.

I've been wanting to wear this …


It's been roughly 243 days 34 weeks 8 months that we've been a family of four. This little boy is changing my life minute by minute. He is full of discovery and wonder. His voice is being discovered and he loves to express himself to anyone within earshot. He is full on crawling these days and no obstacle is too big, no crevice to small. He is determined to get where he is going at all times. He laughs uncontrollably at the funniest times and finds his sister funniest of all. We are enjoying his developing personality and the ridiculous faces he makes. Food is always a source of joy for him as is banging toys together to see what sounds they make. We are still shocked that the time seems to be going by as fast as it is. And that he continues to hit milestones to the extent that I feel as though I can't keep up with all that he is doing! Having two is definitely a different experience but I love to watch him with his father and his sister and how happy he is to crawl over …

Bootie, Bootie, Bootie rock it everywhere!

Y'all know how I love my shoes. Always have and always will.
I have a whole board dedicated to them on Pinterest (naturally) and have been drooling over them for as long as I can remember. (we can blame my god-sister who used to work at Charles David).
But lately, I have become obsessed with booties. Obsessed I tell you! I have 3 pairs and am currently pining over another pair. If you saw my post on Mandy's blog about my top 5 must have picks for this fall you've seen my most recent purchase. The Heather from Sole Society is rocking my world right now. They also come in black as well. Thinking about adding those to the collection.
You know because: "If you like it, buy it in every color"
 (sidebar: for the low price of $69.95 I can certainly afford to! Holla!)

The wedge bootie is a new attraction for me and while I loved seeing it on others, I was unsure how I would feel about it on myself.
Anyone else ever have that problem?
But alas, the weather was finally cool…

Style Post: Remember when it was Fall?

Remember those two glorious days when it actually felt like Fall? Overcast skies, a slight chill in the air? It was great wasn't it? I got all carried away and rocked boots two days in a row. And now? Now it feels like August. #weatherfail

You see how somebody crawled their way into my shot and tried to steal my thunder with his cuteness?

Top: H&M (old) Scarf: Target Leggings: Target Boots: Steven by Steve Madden via Hautelook

Top: Pure & Simple via Hautelook Tank: Forever 21 Skinny Cargos: Mavi Jeans via Hautelook  Boots: Heather via Sole Society

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