Winds of Change

I am..... is inevitable isn't it?
Just when you get comfortable in one situation or another it seems like the wind comes along and picks you up and drops you off someplace else.
I've been toying around with the idea of changing the name of this blog.
I even tweeted about it this morning and asked my FB friends for ideas.
This has actually been on my mind for awhile actually and was kind of why I was holding off on joining Twitter
I didn't want to confuse people but I think it's time. Sure there will be a lot to change (FB/Twitter/ affiliated sites) but I think in the end it will make all the difference when my blog is really a true brand.
An honest expression of it's author, of me.
When I began this blog three and a half years ago I thought it would be mainly to share stories about my crazy little Sweet Pea to family and friends around the globe.
And then somewhere along the way that changed.
I began to write about my voice and my thoughts and life as well.
The wedding took over everything and I began to really delve into my love of fashion and discover my own personal style (cuz that only took 30 some years)
And then last year it changed again when I began linking up for What I Wore Wednesdays and then when I had Baby Ninja.
It was not just Sweet Pea's Corner anymore.
It's grown into something much more and I think it's high time the name reflects that.
I was talking to my BFF on Friday and we were discussing style, Twitter and motherhood (random I know, but that's how we roll) and we both realized that it appears there is a lack of real mom fashion on the web.
Now I don't want to turn this into a fashion blog because let's be honest, I don't have the money or the time to be a slave to trends.
But I do want to showcase how real women (real moms) interpret the trends for their everyday life.
I mean, that's one of the reasons I love What I Wore Wednesdays - you get a glimpse at what other women are wearing around the web.
I've even begun to link up to a few other sites that have similar weekly features.
It helps me be accountable to my desire to be 'mommy chic' on a consistent basis
and by documenting what I actually wear the most which helps me shop my closet and put together more creative looks.
I want a name that really portrays where I am in life and where I want to be.
My writing has changed drastically in the past few years and I really want the blog name to reflect that.
I am not by any means, about to change what I write about or the way I write (I've already said what this place isn't) but I do want to incorporate more of the things I love into a more cohesive space.
I want to inspire & encourage women everywhere in both my daily life and working life (makeup artistry) to be their very best at all times.
I know I'm inspired by other women that run business, have wonderful decor and manage to put on cute outfits.
I've begun contributing to Lucky Magazine's community section and that really has me excited as more people are exposed to my writing.
It's been great for my confidence and personal growth to really put myself out there and let go of my fear of rejection or the idea that I'm somehow 'not good enough' in some way.

I've also been thinking about attending a blog conference or two next year (if the CFO can squeeze it into the budget) which is doubly exciting and terrifying.
That would mean something wouldn't it?
But I really  want to get a feel for this 'blogging as a business' deal.
It never hurt anyone to learn a little more now did it?
Any suggestions on the best ones?

There is definitely an air of change fluttering through this space, I can just feel it in my bones and I am excited about all the places I just might let the wind carry me.


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