Style Post - What I Wore

I feel like I have been lacking a bit in the personal style department.
Blame it on the weather, a baby who spits up on me no sooner than I get myself dressed or a lack of really leaving the house.
(carpool runs do not count)
This past week was not spectacular by any means but I was comfortable and true to myself.

This was perfect for running errands on Saturday when it was 105 out.

Tank: Nordstrom Rack
Shorts: H&M

Brave is the Momma who wears white shorts.
I'm happy to report I remained spit/stain free all day.

Top: Mossimo for Target
Shorts: Old Navy
Shoes: Havianas

I wanted something that wouldn't matter if it got spit up on so a black maxi dress seemed like the way to go.

The necklace was retired shortly after this photo was taken and a tiny hand tried to choke me with it.
Dress: Hand-me-down from a sister-in-love
Necklace: Custom from a former co-worker
Earrings: Custom from a former co-worker
Shoes: Havianas

See nothing earth shattering just the real everyday stylin's of a momma who loves fashion.

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  1. Rock rock rockin the black maxi grrrrlll'

  2. You look beautiful in that black maxi! I also had to snicker at your white shorts remark. Have a great week!

  3. You always look so cute, and SO TINY! I commend you for getting yourself dressed and nice. Athletic shorts and tshirts/tanks have definitely been my wardrobe this summer. Ready for fall since I have more longsleeved nice shirts! haha

  4. You are a very stylish momma!! You definitely look much better than I would in 105 degrees with a baby! LOL Thanks for linking up to Real Girl Style.


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