My New Favorite show on TV (it's not what you think)

I generally have a love/hate relationship with TV.
There's never anything good on when you're home and have some time to kill but when you have things to do or are walking out the door all the good shows/movies are on.
Same thing goes for when you switch cable packages.
Never is there not a time when HBO is showing a ton of good movies and Showtime isn't when you have the Showtime package.
Go figure.
I am excited about fall tv this year as a bunch of shows we watch are getting ready to come back on the air.
We all have our favorite shows we watch/record for ourselves and then we have shows we watch as a family.
When Sweet Pea was little we were all about the Disney Channel and Nick Jr.
She loved all the cartoons and fun things on both channels and we also had our fair share of Baby Einstein videos in heavy rotation.

However, I'm not a huge fan of TV for the little ones as I see how distracted my daughter is now (and how serious she is about her shows) so I don't really want to get swept back down that road with Baby Ninja.
I do believe that shows can (and should) be educational and entertaining.
Enter my new favorite show: Sid the Science Kid

It has enough music and dancing to hold Baby Ninja's attention for a few short minutes and enough knowledge and information to keep me happy.
In short, I'm kind of obsessed with it.
First he has this cute little family

and y'all this kid is excited about learning.
He has this song he sings on the way to school that I find myself singing along with every.single.time.
"I love my mom. (uh huh) My mom is cool (uh huh)
But now, it's time, for having fun at school!"
He clearly goes to pre-school and enjoys his time there with all his friends and then Grandma picks him up each afternoon and he shares with her what he's learned.
I love that this show encourages kids to be inquisitive.
It has all kinds of positive messages about healthy eating, play time and using your brain.
I am kind of obsessed.
I can't wait until the baby is a little bit older to really grasp the concept of this show , but of course by then it may not be on the air, so I am definitely going to look into purchasing some DVD's for the future.

What are some of your favorite kid shows?


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