Lucky number Seven

Oh me, oh my,
seven whole months have just flown by.
This kid is just getting bigger and more grown up by the day.
I can't even deal.
Carson hit the 7 month mark last Thursday and in true Baby Ninja form he decided to show of some new skills.

Like discovering the camera to the baby monitor:
not to mention sitting up in bed.

And if that wasn't enough he busted out this late Friday
Oh yeah - my "little baby" is now pulling up on anything he can get his hands on and STANDING!
What the duck?!!
I found him standing in his crib early Friday morning and promptly emailed my husband to let him know the crib had to be lowered that day.
Jeeze this kid.....

His second tooth finally came in so you'd think he'd finally get back on the regular sleep train.
No such luck.
We even had to upgrade his car seat as he is so long and his poor little toes/feet were hanging over the edge of the carrier!

Now he's riding in style and comfort.
Thank God for coupons, 25% off and the Babies R' Us trade in deal.
We were able to  trade in our old infant carrier get and his new (deluxe) chair for under $200.
This kid is getting expensive.
On another note - I'm still making the baby food.
Although it seems these days I can't make it fast enough so I've been looking at all kinds of recipes for more creative ideas.
I definitely need to invest in some ice cube trays so I can freeze more blocks and just do one batch cooking a month.
We've upgraded his food so it's not all puree's and definitely more chunks.
He loves it.
We also gave him blueberry pancakes and he about fell out of his chair with delight.
Score one for my team.
It's amazing how much this kid has changed our lives and how much we all just love on him.
He is such a happy boy and has so much joy.
He giggles and squeals and his vocabulary has expanded exponentially.
It's much more conversational than it ever was and he is much more expressive.
And as much as I was excited for him to be a bit more mobile he is now trying to destroy everything so we will have to do some creative maneuvering around the house.
This kid is going to give me a heart attack.
If I don't smother him with kisses first.


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