Catching My Breath

Summer is officially over and we have survived the first two weeks of school.
It seems it was just a moment ago I was writing about our summer plans and enjoying the slow motion pace and's back to the daily grind.
I have to say that September is off to an amazing start.
We kicked it off Labor Day weekend by spending time with our Famdamily and enjoying the outdoors.
I love this unit we have created. This close-knit group of friends we call family. We can lean on them and they us. Our kids are growing up together and will call themselves cousins.
That makes my heart happy.
There was a birthday party on Saturday that left us all with a major sweet tooth thanks to the pinata and delicious birthday cake.
Sunday was our 2nd annual Grill Challenge among all the men. This year it was held at Bonneli Park which was just about the best idea ever. No cleaning my house before and after! Hooray!
If you follow me on Instagram (I'm @ambdorsey) you saw some of the outtakes.
The men broke out their best recipes and spent all afternoon grilling their ribs and chicken to perfection. The ladies brought their appetites and enjoyed the fruits of their labor.

Naturally, my hubby won, yet again. He is the grilled chicken MASTER!! And his ribs were off the hook too. I was a super proud wifey.
 Baby Bear did pretty good considering he skipped his afternoon nap two days in a row and is still waiting for that second bottom tooth to push through.
He finally passed out for about 45 minutes and then was ready to get back to playing with all the rest of the babies.

One of the great things about our little group is that our little kids (we all have an older set) are about the same age ranging from age 5 to  my 6.5 month old.
So they are pretty well entertained by each other without us having to do a lot. We only intervene when someone's not sharing or hitting.
The weather for the cookout was FABULOUS. Not too hot or humid and it was a joy to sit at the park, be in nature and spend time with our good friends. Not so much fun later that evening as my allergies started acting up because someone forgot to take an allergy pill before they left the house.
We followed that up with a trip to Knott's Berry Farm on Monday with my BFF Ebony and her crew. We had a few free passes we had to use during a weekday and a buy one get one free so we went ahead and cashed those in on our last day of summer fun.
We had a ball I must say. Once again we had lovely weather, the park was not overcrowded and the kids pretty much rode everything they wanted to. We also enjoyed a delicious funnel cake on the way out so that was pretty much the highlight of my day. I got a little cranky towards the end of the day as I was tired, the bathrooms had been locked and I had to go AND I had a little one that needed to be put in pj's and then......Baby Bear spit up all over my leg and a small portion landed on my fresh white chucks.

But I rallied and we scored some delicious Boysenberry jelly to take home.
Babe had the day off again on Tuesday and while it was nice to have an extra pair of hands, home being home totally threw my days off and i spent the rest of the week confused about the days.

Ive been writing a lot lately and am happy to say I'm a contributor over at Lucky magazine in the community section and they published two of my posts so far!

I'd love it if you stopped by to check them out
I'm definitely excited about posting more on there and really defining my brand (makeup and writing wise).
My friend Melissa (aka my photographer extraordinaire) told me about a book The Fire Starter Sessions that sounded promising so I bought it and it's kind of rocking my socks.

It is so what I needed to "light a fire under neath me" (pun intended) and really get to the depths of my passion and desires.
There are several worksheets/exercises in there that have been super helpful in allowing me to define and label my dream and even elaborate on how to make that happen without feeling overwhelmed.
I'm definitely pumped up about what the future holds. I suggest a copy for any creative soul.

On a side note this week is going to be a busy one as I'm doing makeup for my nieces senior pictures!(when did they become seniors in high school!???) and then I have to take my Dad for eye surgery as well.
We also have several birthday parties this weekend and as you may know today was the season opener for football season.
My husband has been parked in front of the TV all day.
I personally am pretty jazzed about all of it. Hopefully the weather will cool down and I can talk D into making his locally world famous chilli one Sunday soon. Nothing says fall like chilli and football on a Sunday afternoon!

Hopefully with all that is going on at some point I'll be able to stop and catch my breath but until then....I'm just going to hang on tight and enjoy the ride.


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