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My New Favorite show on TV (it's not what you think)

I generally have a love/hate relationship with TV. There's never anything good on when you're home and have some time to kill but when you have things to do or are walking out the door all the good shows/movies are on. Same thing goes for when you switch cable packages. Never is there not a time when HBO is showing a ton of good movies and Showtime isn't when you have the Showtime package. Go figure. I am excited about fall tv this year as a bunch of shows we watch are getting ready to come back on the air. We all have our favorite shows we watch/record for ourselves and then we have shows we watch as a family. When Sweet Pea was little we were all about the Disney Channel and Nick Jr. She loved all the cartoons and fun things on both channels and we also had our fair share of Baby Einstein videos in heavy rotation.

However, I'm not a huge fan of TV for the little ones as I see how distracted my daughter is now (and how serious she is about her shows) so I don't r…

Winds of Change

Image is inevitable isn't it? Just when you get comfortable in one situation or another it seems like the wind comes along and picks you up and drops you off someplace else. I've been toying around with the idea of changing the name of this blog.
I even tweeted about it this morning and asked my FB friends for ideas. This has actually been on my mind for awhile actually and was kind of why I was holding off on joining Twitter.  I didn't want to confuse people but I think it's time. Sure there will be a lot to change (FB/Twitter/ affiliated sites) but I think in the end it will make all the difference when my blog is really a true brand.
An honest expression of it's author, of me. When I began this blog three and a half years ago I thought it would be mainly to share stories about my crazy little Sweet Pea to family and friends around the globe. And then somewhere along the way that changed. I began to write about my voice and my thoughts and life as well. Th…

Lucky number Seven

Oh me, oh my, seven whole months have just flown by. This kid is just getting bigger and more grown up by the day. I can't even deal. Carson hit the 7 month mark last Thursday and in true Baby Ninja form he decided to show of some new skills.
Like discovering the camera to the baby monitor: not to mention sitting up in bed.
And if that wasn't enough he busted out this late Friday Oh yeah - my "little baby" is now pulling up on anything he can get his hands on and STANDING! What the duck?!! I found him standing in his crib early Friday morning and promptly emailed my husband to let him know the crib had to be lowered that day. Jeeze this kid.....
His second tooth finally came in so you'd think he'd finally get back on the regular sleep train.
No such luck.
We even had to upgrade his car seat as he is so long and his poor little toes/feet were hanging over the edge of the carrier!

Now he's riding in style and comfort.
Thank God for coupons, 25% off and the…

The Twitterverse

I finally gave in and jumped into the Twitterverse fullfledged last night. Clearly I have no idea what I'm doing or how it all works as of yet and will probably take a few hours/days/weeks minutes to get it together really but I'm sure I'll be tweeting up a storm in no time. I'll be adding a badge to the side bar so you can follow me more easily but until then if you're on there let's be friends mmkay?
I'm @SweetPeaAD
Oh and check me out on Instagram as well @ambdorsey

Style Post - What I Wore

I feel like I have been lacking a bit in the personal style department. Blame it on the weather, a baby who spits up on me no sooner than I get myself dressed or a lack of really leaving the house. (carpool runs do not count) This past week was not spectacular by any means but I was comfortable and true to myself.
This was perfect for running errands on Saturday when it was 105 out.

Tank: Nordstrom Rack Shorts: H&M
Brave is the Momma who wears white shorts. I'm happy to report I remained spit/stain free all day.

Top: Mossimo for Target Shorts: Old Navy Shoes: Havianas
I wanted something that wouldn't matter if it got spit up on so a black maxi dress seemed like the way to go.

The necklace was retired shortly after this photo was taken and a tiny hand tried to choke me with it. Dress: Hand-me-down from a sister-in-love Necklace: Custom from a former co-worker Earrings: Custom from a former co-worker Shoes: Havianas

See nothing earth shattering just the real everyday stylin…

Catching My Breath

Summer is officially over and we have survived the first two weeks of school.
It seems it was just a moment ago I was writing about our summer plans and enjoying the slow motion pace and's back to the daily grind.
I have to say that September is off to an amazing start.
We kicked it off Labor Day weekend by spending time with our Famdamily and enjoying the outdoors.
I love this unit we have created. This close-knit group of friends we call family. We can lean on them and they us. Our kids are growing up together and will call themselves cousins.
That makes my heart happy.
There was a birthday party on Saturday that left us all with a major sweet tooth thanks to the pinata and delicious birthday cake.
Sunday was our 2nd annual Grill Challenge among all the men. This year it was held at Bonneli Park which was just about the best idea ever. No cleaning my house before and after! Hooray!
If you follow me on Instagram (I'm @ambdorsey) you saw some of the outtakes.
The me…

Labor of Love - Reality Check

Summer is officially over and we are back to school. I am finding more time on my hands during the day with a growing baby (no longer an newborn or fussing infant) but full on moving, grooving, cooing and teething baby. Every day it seems I am inundated with emails about jobs in the cosmetic industry. Some are local and sound like they would be right up my alley. Where were these jobs when I was still working full time and actually looking? And I am tempted. Tempted to throw my hat in the ring and see if I am any one's perfect candidate. I think of all the things we could do with the extra income.
The things I could buy. The fun outfits I could wear that wouldn't be spit up on shortly after donning them. Interesting and intellectual conversations I would have about makeup, product displays and marketing strategies. I think about really utilizing my degree.  And then, I think of all that I would miss and those that would be affected should I get back into the grind. Who would …

Lauren Conrad inspired California Chic

Lauren Conrad inspired California Chic by ambs32 featuring bohemian necklaces

I am a ride or die California girl.
Flip flops all summer long, easy breezy dresses and skirts, cut-offs, wife-beater tanks and tees, big sunglasses and a light jacket are my summer staples.
And as we 'officially' ended summer this week I'm sort of dreaming of more layered pieces that I can wear from fall into the colder winter months.
I was playing around on Polyvore the other day and came up with this collage combo based on a few of Lauren Conrad's favorite picks.
She too is a quintessential California girl and her style epitomizes that in every single season.
It seems effortlessly cool and elegantly put together.
Definitely in line with my own personal aesthetic.

Leather like leggings, biker boots, metallic sea green nails and dark lips are definitely on my radar this season.
And you can never go wrong with a pop of color either in your denim or your accessories.
Sigh.....oh I am enjoying …

LOTD: Maxi Madness

I was running late and wanted to throw on something that had a little color to it but didn't require a lot of fuss to put together. That's pretty much my style mantra these days. Simple, chic, cool. It's too hot to be fooling around with too many layers

The baby bear has begun to pull hair so I've been wearing it pulled back for awhile. The heat is also contributing to my new 'do.

This skirt was one of my first purchases postpartum.  I almost bought a size up as I was unsure of the fit (I ordered online) and how my body was going to bounce back. I'm happy to report that it fits swell and am glad I stuck to my usual size.

V-Neck Boyfriend Pocket Tee: Mossimo for Target Maxi Skirt: Old Navy Sandals: Mossimo for Target (old)
What's the weather like where you are?  Is it Fall yet?

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