With Intent

These days I'm realizing ,even more than usual, I need to be intentional about what I do.
I have to carve out time each day for myself for writing, for marketing to potential clients, for updating the blogs and website. 
I need to be intentional when carving out time with my kids. Really listen when Sweet Pea talks, wants to craft or watch a movie. Get down and play with Baby Bear and be in that moment, not thinking about checking email or social media.
I must be intentional about the time I spend with my husband. Every.single.day. Find out about his day and what's going on in his head and just go through the motions.
I need to make time for my family (mom & dad + in-laws) and for spending time with my friends. And not just for my sake or when it suits me, but make it a point to find out to what's going on in their lives and see if I can be of encouragement or just a sounding board.
Intent is huge theme around here as of late. I feel time is slipping away and I am compelled to soak things in.
I am a generally scattered individual. And not in a bad way, I am just a multitasking woman by nature and tend to get distracted easily (you have no idea how many times I started and stopped this post).
ha! so true
But I'm finding that when I am intentional, when I take the time to make plans and actually implement them......well, the result is phenomenal.
I do a lot of living in my head. I have all these ideas and thoughts and plans and things floating around but for me, at times, it's hard to put them down on paper and when I finally do attempt to do so, I can only remember half of them.
Lately I have begun to change that. I am putting things on my calender on my phone or the iPad in great detail. Setting reminders for what I want to do, when and at what time.
I'm digging that. I am being intentional about my schedule because I know time is precious.
I had stopped working out at a crazy hour because I convinced myself that I actually needed the sleep more than I needed to look good in a pair of shorts. And for awhile that was true. Sort of. I like the sleep.
However, after almost a month of half-assing my workouts, having my morning coffee or green machine and still being tired I realized it was the post work out endorphin's that were giving me the boost to get through each day.
So I beginning this week I am being more intentional with my workouts. I have scheduled in my head and on the calendar what I want to do each day and if that doesn't work out, I have a fall back plan.
The same goes for cooking dinner and general housekeeping. I have to make a list and stick to it.
It's been easy to be lazy because "hey it's summertime!" and why not?  Or  worse, using the baby's schedule as an excuse. But I don't like the way I've been feeling.
Tired, lackluster in my work, un-motivated, easily distracted, un-organized .....it's just not who I am (well except the distracted part. I don't think that will ever change).
Better still...it's not who I want to be.
I want to be a woman of intention.
I need to be that in order to maintain my sanity and any to the betterment of my household and all my relationships.


  1. It's like you reached inside my head and pulled this post out of it...I completely agree with you about needing to be intentional. For whatever reason, living in the moment doesn't come natural to me and I have all kinds of crazy moments happening around me I should be living in! Great post! :)


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