What's Crackin

I haven't really written about what we've been up to lately as I've gotten kind of lazy about it and perhaps it seems we haven't been doing as much?
Or perhaps because I'm being super introspective lately and focusing on what's going on in my head.
Oh and let's not forget my fashion wish lists.
But we've actually been doing quite a bit around here.
There have been birthday parties, and baby showers.
Pool days and quality family time.
Delicious dinners and take out.
It's been a good summer.
Last weekend we had the pleasure of attending the first birthday of D's goddaughter Madison.
It was a super cute pink &navy nautical themed party and the kids had a blast.
All the decorations came together (I may or may not have had a hand in that)

But I have to hand it to Tenia for utilizing her resources! 
My sister-in-love does catering and had a fantastic spread for us (sliders, crab cakes, ceviche, pasta salad etc.) and my cousin is a baker (she did the cup-cakes for my baby shower) and created a beautiful display of delectable treats.
The birthday girl enjoyed her first taste of cake and all the kids seemed to enjoy themselves (a bubble machine is a wonderful thing).

I love birthdays!!

Friday night we took the kids out for dinner as Sweet Pea has been dying for Johnny Rocket's for some time.
The Baby Bear was up and pleasant so we decided then would be a great time to go.
It was still ridiculously warm out (at 6pm) and we found most of our 'town' congregated at the Shoppes listening to a Rolling Stones tribute band.
We got a great table at the restaurant and in a flash of brilliance I decided to let the Baby Bear sit in a booster seat/high chair there so he wasn't stuck in the car seat/stroller while we ate.
He LOVED it.
The chair was a small one so it was perfect for him and while he was strapped in about the waist he was able to twist from side to side and see the people.
He gobbled up his dinner (squash and peaches) and spent the rest of the meal mesmerized by the waitstaff.
Oh and then they danced. He looked back at me as if to say "Dinner and a show!?? Why have we not done this before!?"
Unfortunately for him, that will not be happening at home.
D & Cam opted for sundae for dessert and made quick work of it and then we decided to walk around and enjoy the evening before rushing home.

We wandered around for a bit carrying Carson who was thoroughly enjoying being out of his stroller and squealing in delight.
I felt the same way. I love summer evenings like that. Just enjoying my family, the atmosphere and being outdoors.
It was a lovely evening.
Saturday we cleaned & organized our house. It was much needed and we tried not to melt while doing so.
Sunday I took the kids to a baby shower for my former co-worker and mafia sister Kristian.
She and her hubby are expecting their first child, a girl, this fall.
I was so excited to attend as all my mafia girls were going to be there.
I'm lame and we didn't get a picture together on my camera but it's okay.
The memories are enough. 
As usual we had a blast and it was so fun to catch up with them.
Three of them still work together (at a totally different company) one moved up north and the other works for a shoe company.
It's funny how much things have changed since we started our mafia back in 2010.

Two of us got married, there are four kids between the six of us (my two, Missy's one and K-Dizzle's babe on the way).
We have started new jobs, moved to new cities and just generally grown as women.
But when we hang out......still the same giggles and eye rolls. 
I love these ladies and have missed them so.

This weekend we will be doing some back to school shopping.
I know a lot of kids have already started back but Sweet Pea doesn't go back until the 27th.
And I'm quite bummed that they changed her whole school schedule so now she starts at a later time and gets out later.
So now I will be taking her to school each morning.
Which means I will have to put on clothes first thing and throw Baby Bear in the car for the short jaunt down the hill.
Everything is about to change.....again.

What did you guys do this weekend?


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