What it is.....What it aint


I've been doing a mental evaluation of this space and have yet to come to any concrete conclusions in my head so I thought I'd at least write it out and see how that goes.
I've gone back and re-read a lot of my posts and there is no underlying theme.
I am all over the place around here.
I read a variety of blogs and have been looking into this whole "lifestyle blog" thing a bit further.
Because I had no clue what it meant to be a lifestyle blogger and I knew I didn't feel like I really fit into the "mommy blogger"category.
Sure, I write about my kids but it's not solely about them. This place is more about me.
It's a collection of my thoughts, ideas, dreams and desires.
It's stories of my family and all the fun & crazy times we have.
It's my perspective on where we fit in this town/space in the universe.
It's my ever evolving personal style.
It's my love of beauty and decorating ideas.
My flights of fancy (or delusions of grandeur) for things that may not ever happen.
It's about my life.
Defining my blogging style is not going to be easy. But then, why should it be?
I am not easily defined.  Astrologically speaking, I am a Gemini meaning I am a walking contradiction. A collection of many things and yet no one simple thing at any given time.
It can be exhausting but it's extremely fun.
So I guess in a way it is a lifestyle blog but I'm not really giving tips on how to live better or anything like that.
I'm just sharing about our lifestyle and how we live right now.
What I know for sure is what I certainly am not. I am not a fashion blogger. Yes I post outfits and even compile lists of fashion trends or wish lists but I am no expert. Nor do I wish to be. I admire all those people who get up and get dressed each day in something cute. Not me.
Most days I'm struggling to take a shower let alone find a cute outfit.
On the days/weeks I do get it together I feel like I have conquered the world! It's the little things people.
I am not a mommy blogger - I am not likely to post tips on getting baby to sleep or wean or anything of the sort (short of having tried something and it's worked miraculously)
Mostly because I have no idea what I'm doing most days. It is my belief that children are a bit like jigsaw puzzles, the minute you think you've got it all together you find that you're missing an important piece. I take each day as it comes and work through the issues as necessary.
I am not a home decor expert. We are still discovering our personal decorating style around these parts. I've seen how it's evolved over the last few years since we moved into together and even since living in this house and after joining Pinterest I now have a more concrete image of what I want our space to look and feel like. It will be a while before it all 'comes together' but I can't wait to get started and I love the process of discovery. So yes, that will be shared for sure.
I am not a food blogger either. I love food. I enjoy cooking and experimenting with new recipes and may post about my success (or failure) in the kitchen but it will be rare to find me documenting a whole recipe.
In this whole process of blogging, exploring my love of the written word and my inherent need to exorcise the constant dialogue in my head, I have been learning my voice.
In the begining I struggled with who I was. Hell, some days I still struggle. I fall prey to the blogger envy, the discontent, the feeling that I am somehow failing because I am not as widely read as others, don't have the opportunities presented to me as some or just 'not as cool'.
It's something I'm sure all bloggers/ writers deal with. We all want to be great but it's how we deal with it that matters.
In all of that though I am slowly but surely gaining ground. I am working on being present, living with intent and really being in this moment.
Taking the time to enjoy the small things. Embracing the mundane of the SAHM daily life all while carving out my place in the world.
I am one person making a small impact on my corner of the internet and sharing my voice, my story, my way.
Be prepared for deep thoughts, light hearted laughs, random musings, fashion obsessions, makeup loves & a boatload of images.
I am exploring all avenues of genres and subject matter so just when you think you get to know what this blog is "all about" - I will switch up and surprise you!
I hope you hang around for all the fun!


  1. This is YOUR piece of the internet...don't put boundaries around it, but rather write whatever you want to write about! It's as unique and varied as you are. It's limitless!!! : )

  2. I love this and you and once again we are brain twins/soul sisters/etc etc. That is really all I can say because you have used all my words :)

  3. Write about what you love otherwise it will become a chore instead of fun! I do enjoy your outfit posts though!!! :)


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