What I'm Wearing

I haven't done this in a while.
1. it's been hella hot and I keep wearing the same few pieces over and over (not at all exciting)
2. We haven't gone anywhere and have literally been in pj's and workout clothes until just before the Hubs comes home
3. I think I've lost my style mojo

However, school started this week and I have afternoon carpool duty which means I have to put on clothes. 
And since I like to look somewhat put together I decided to photograph today's ensemble.
Hopefully this will inspire me to continue on this path and be held accountable each day.

Top: H&M (old)
Shorts: H&M (old)
Earrings: H&M (old)
Shoes: Mossimo for Target

Also rocking (or attempting to) the front braid. It's way to hot to bust out the flat iron or have my hair on my face so I've been playing around with alternate styles to stay cool.

 I've worn this outfit before in the fall but never really rocked it in warmer weather so I enjoyed the casualness of the tee but loved the polish of the black shorts.
They're a step up from my usual cut-offs and flip flops

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  1. You look so cute as always! A little jealous that you can wear those shoes! Everytime I put on a pair like that they make my feet look super wide (weird).


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