Little Girls , Little Ladies

It's hard to believe my baby has been around for a whole decade.
There are days it doesn't seem enough time has passed for her to have turned 10 this year.
Unlike a lot of mommas out there I don't mourn her getting older.
I truly enjoy and cherish it.
I have no idea how we have gotten to this point that she is becoming quite the young lady but it's an interesting ride for sure.
She has come into her own so much this year.
Even this summer she has blossomed so much.
She's still very shy but is slowly coming out of her shell.
She's putting on her 'big girl panties' each day and taking things as they come.
We are navigating this road to becoming a lady together and it's exciting and scary all at the same time.
Sure she still needs to be tucked in at night and is afraid of the oven/stove and sleeps with a night light but she has come so far.
She took four weeks of swimming lessons and has overcome her fears about putting her face in the water, floating on her back and jumping into the pool in general.

I've watched her belief in herself and her strengths grow in just a few short weeks and am such a proud mama.
She walked around the block by herself to her girlfriends house (though I watched from afar until she was out of sight) and has been keeping herself busy with mini creations for all her dolls.

The other day I half listened to her and a girlfriend playing with their dolls out on the back patio (aka: the Veranda) and was nostalgic for my own childhood.
I remember waking up early and carting my dolls three houses down to play at my friends house all day.
It's been the same with her this summer and it's amazing to watch.
Photo: Enjoying some outdoor playtime. #sweetpea #summertime #girlyfun
It was great to see,in this day and age where girls are growing up too quickly and in such a rush to be "women", two little girls sitting and playing dolls.
Making up stories and voices for each character.
Creating elaborate scenarios and then acting them out.
And I looked at them through the window and thought.....all is right with the world.


  1. This made me smile. Such a beautiful post for your daughter to look back on, and for you to look back on. Love the mixture of independence and innocence. Love.


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