Inked - On being a tattooed mama

Currently I have four tattoos and I am jonesing to add another to my collection.
The first three (butterflies) were all obtained when I was a youngster in college and really all about expressing my independence. Some people were dying their hair crazy colors or piercing their eyebrows, lips, tongue. I got tattoos.
I loved them from the moment I got my first. Although admittedly I had some remorse and thought gangrene had set in when I woke up sore the next morning. (That may have been some latent guilt about my mother being upset combined with the way I slept)
However, that did not stop me from getting another a month later. And a then a third a few months after that.
My parents were less than thrilled. My mother in particular but it was too late by then.
I was hooked. 
I even went with D to get his first tattoo and helped choose the font for the script.
But then, as with all things, I was over it. I had my three and was quite content with them.
As time passed I even forgot they were there. Being they aren't conspicuous no one really ever saw them.
And then I had Sweet Pea.
Suddenly I was 'a mom with tattoos'. Quite taboo back in the early 2000's. Boy would  I get looks from some of the more ahem...seasoned mothers when picking her up and my low rise jeans would showcase one of my markings. (And by seasoned I mean those who were clearly older than my 24 years).
I had never been ashamed of them before but (being so young) kind of felt like I was 'wrong' for having them and that I was being judged for my frivolous youth.
Fast forward three years and at age 27 I began to get the itch to add yet another mark on my body.
After much deliberation I settled on a constellation/ cluster of stars on my ankle going down to the top of my foot. Simply because having my daughter reminded me to stop, slow down and take a moment to contemplate the stars.
It hurt like a mother bear but I was so happy with the results.
Every time I look down on it I think of my little girl and why I chose that design in the first place.
Now, six years later, I am getting the itch yet again.
I brought it up with my husband and he mentioned he had been thinking the same. He wants to do something in regards to the kiddos. I love that.
I was leaning towards getting some kind of script.
For years I've wanted Phil. 4:13 on my wrist underneath a cross that has angel wings behind it and even drew a couple sketches for it.
But lately I have been drawn to different locations such as the inside of my elbow or going down the front of my arm.
unique font, love the placement placement "“Cest la bonne vie” means “its the good life” in French. One of my favorite quotes. Its on the side of my right forearm. My 2nd of 3 tattoos. I am french so reminds me of my family & to always look for the good things in life even if they arent present. Got all tattoos done at SkinDeep tattoo in Maui."
I have no qualms about having such visible markings as in this day and age more people have tattoos than do not and the odds of me working in corporate America where it may be frowned upon, are slim to none.
I know in my heart I am destined for creative endeavors and that kind of career path enables me to be a bit more lax in my body art decisions.
I'm actually really excited. It's been so long since I've added to my menagerie that I can't wait but at the same time it's one of those things that takes me forever to decide upon.
I don't make these kinds of decisions lightly and I always want them to be meaningful.
Is it strange to be 33, a mother of two and about to get a fifth tattoo?
And I kind of dig the concept of being a tattooed mama. It speaks to my personality and to the fact that I am indeed not the norm.

Do you have any tattoos? If so, what are they of? Do you plan to get more?


  1. Girl, you get inked up! I am a tattooed mama as well, with the "Jesus fish" and the word hope tattooed on my wrist. I love it and have at least one more tattoo in mind, maybe more. It is artwork and in this day and age it isnt/shouldnt be as big a deal anymore.

  2. I wanna go with you!

    Xoxo ber


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