Fall Fashion Wish List

I love, love, love the summer time.
The weather, the fashion, the excuse to be outside all day.
Wearing flip-flops every day and hanging by the pool.
But with the weather being in the upper 90's to the low 100's the past few weeks even I'm day dreaming about cooler weather.
I have all these cute jeans and shoes I want to rock but can't because it's so dang hot I feel like my clothes are going to melt!
I've pretty much been wearing a different variation of the same outfit for the last few days and it's getting old.
I am kind of excited about a lot of the fall fashions that are coming up and am already thinking on how to make some extra money and add these fun items to my wardrobe.

Sexy skinny boyfriend jeans in a dark wash
(yes, I am well aware that I currently own two other pairs of boyfriend jeans but a girl can never own too much denim. especially in CA where it's a wardrobe staple)
1969 sexy boyfriend jeans | Gap $79.95
these will look fabulous with my black booties or nude heels AND they are almost identical to the ones that first began my quest for the perfect pair.
obsessed with these jeans! i can rock this look!
Also - some jewel toned colored denim would be a fun buy

Women's The Rockstar Super Skinny Jeans | Old Navy $34.94
Old Navy 

A military style jacket
Canvas military jacket | Gap $79.95
Women's Drawstring Military Jackets | Old Navy $39.94
Old Navy
These two jackets are almost identical but the one from Old Navy is about $40 less than the GAP version.
A lightweight long sleeve shirt to rock with some skinny jeans & boots - definitely mommy style
Women's Lightweight Camp Shirts | Old Navy $17.99
Old Navy

Tuxedo flats - as much as I adore my heels I love a good slip on for running around with the kiddos  or just a quick trip to the store. It allows me to look put together even when I'm not.
Mossimo Black® Vianca Tuxedo Flat - Assorted Colors.Opens in a new window
Cute ankle booties and some stylish flats from Sole Society

Heather via @Sole Society $59.95 Kirby via @Sole Society $49.95
A nautical shift paired with boots
Untitled #1
Polyvore inspiration
Nautical shift | Gap $59.95

And the piece de resistance......Hunter's Wellies in Coral

Hunter Coral Boots

If only it rained enough here to wear them often.
But I have been wishing for a pair of rain boots for awhile.

I promised myself I would only buy items this year that were quality, well worth the investment and would work with pieces I already own and these definitely fit the criteria.
The good news is that everything on my list is under $100!!!
This makes both me and my CFO incredibly happy!
Clearly I need to book some makeup work and start freelance writing ASAP so I can make these additions happen sooner rather than later.
But I also know that if I wait a while I can catch a sale so I think that's what I may do. 
Just save my pennies and wait it out.
Although patience is not one of my best virtues.....it must be done.

What's on your wish list for fall?



  1. Okay, I think I'm going to bite the bullet and get some jewel toned jeans. You've inspired me. ; )


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