Chubbsy wubbsy - 6 month review

For some reason with Baby Bear time is just flying by.
Oh it doesn't feel that way at 2am when he's whining & won't go back to sleep but .
Half a year has gone by since we brought him home.
Half a year.
My oldest starts 5th grade tomorrow.
I have no idea what is happening.
Every stage we enter into is like a brand new discovery and I am enjoying it more and more.
Although still not getting enough sleep as Carson is hitting all these developmental milestones at once.
He's mastered rolling over both ways.
He sits steadily now with only a few crashes here and there but at least he's somewhat figured out how to fall gently.....
This past week his sleep patterns have been out of control and he has been inconsolable a few nights and then this morning I noticed he cut his first tooth!
What the duck!?
So the first bottom tooth has pushed through and the second one should make it's appearance any day now.
I will be happy when its all over as he has not been a fun guy at 4am and it breaks my heart to see him in pain.
However, he is getting to be a lot more fun these days.
I'm enjoying this stage a lot.
He's very grabby, chatty and lovey.
Separation anxiety has kicked in a bit so that's been something else to deal with.
He makes all these funny faces and sounds and he is enjoying his mealtimes the most!
By the numbers he is 99th percentile everything.
29.2 inches long
22.5 lbs.
In short, he is a beast.

Clearly he is not missing any meals.
I still  breast feed and make all his baby food.
It's been fun trying out new veggies and fruits on him.
He seems to like them all.
With the exception of the green beans but I'm thinking they were not pureed enough for him and perhaps need to be mixed with a fruit to combat the bitter taste.

He loves being on the floor and playing with his sister and his Daddy.
That is the highlight of his day.

Well, that and his bath.
His giggles and smiles make everyday interesting and amazing.

He's found his feet and likes to show them off while deciding which side he wants to roll to.
While cleaning up at my mother's house this afternoon I discovered a boat load of toys from his sisters hey day that will be quite suitable for him.
I can't wait to clean them off and show them to him.
He's going to love it all.

We are all just so in love with this kid.
It's so much fun to see him spend time with all of his different family members and watch them love on him.
It makes my heart happy seeing the joy on their faces and knowing he is so loved.
I am still in shock that it's actually been 6 months and am not quite sure where the time has gone.
Thank God I have this space to document things or I'd never know what hit me!


  1. Oh my goodness I just want to squeeze him and his little chub. What a sweetheart! I feel for you on the teeth, our little one is getting 4 at once right now and one night we were awake from 2am to 5am. Zombie mom. Hope those teeth cut soon!


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