Busy Body


This has pretty much been my motto of late.
I know there are a lot of people out there who look forward to being busy. 
Especially this time of year.
They are packing as much fun & life into each day as they can. 
Making sure the kids are always doing something or have an activity lest they find themselves.....gasp.....without something to keep them occupied each day.
It's kind of disheartening.
Kids are no longer allowed to just be.
They must be put in lessons, take classes, have days scheduled up to the minute they go to bed and are basically little adults.
We thrive on being busy. Probably to muffle the inner voices in our heads so we don't have to face any of our fears or give in to the little voice that whispers 'slow down. enjoy this moment'.
We can't because we need to stay connected, be in touch, keep on top of things and find out what's going on all the time.
It's a bit difficult.
Quite honestly I do like to be busy.
 It's hard for me to sit still all the time.
I love the hustle and bustle of things. I like social media and being a part of it.
I also like enjoying my family in every single moment.
But these last few months at home.....well I'm enjoying the slow motion status I've got going on.
Summer is my favorite time of year and this is the first time in 3 years that I have really been able to enjoy it again.
Our society is so prone to doing ALL THE TIME that it's a rare thing to not have each and every day planned out.
Remember what summer vacation felt like as a kid?
Waking up late not knowing what each day held?

Excitement about going to the pool/beach/day camp and playing with your friends?
Being outside until the street lights came on and then only coming inside when your folks called you in for the night?
Those are the days I am nostalgic for.
The slow motion, easy does it, lazy days of summer. 
That's what we have been doing.
Don't get me wrong, we've been doing stuff but not busy.
There are swim lessons and family picnics. 
Trips to the farmers market and times spent with cousins.
Watermelon and fresh fruit.
But there is no rush.
No need to make this "the most fun summer ever" but really just to enjoy the days as they come.
Slowing down is pretty hard for me.
I move at light speed 90% of the time but having baby bear slowed me down a bit ( I just can't seem to move as fast with him!) and it's been great for my sanity.
Good for Sweet Pea too.
We just relax and go with the flow.
Some days we don't even get out of our pajamas or leave the house.
And not just on the weekends either.
We have quite honestly been soaking up the summer in real true California style.
She has play dates and a few plans here and there but mostly we're just hanging around enjoying the slow pace of summer and what it's like to not be busy all the time.


  1. i just pinned this and it's so true. it seems like nowadays people are trying to out busy one another and it's pretty silly. i want to move to mexico where they have siestas :)


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