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What it is.....What it aint

I've been doing a mental evaluation of this space and have yet to come to any concrete conclusions in my head so I thought I'd at least write it out and see how that goes.
I've gone back and re-read a lot of my posts and there is no underlying theme.
I am all over the place around here.
I read a variety of blogs and have been looking into this whole "lifestyle blog" thing a bit further.
Because I had no clue what it meant to be a lifestyle blogger and I knew I didn't feel like I really fit into the "mommy blogger"category.
Sure, I write about my kids but it's not solely about them. This place is more about me.
It's a collection of my thoughts, ideas, dreams and desires.
It's stories of my family and all the fun & crazy times we have.
It's my perspective on where we fit in this town/space in the universe.
It's my ever evolving personal style.
It's my love of beauty and decorating ideas.
My flights of fancy (or delusions o…

What I'm Wearing

I haven't done this in a while. 1. it's been hella hot and I keep wearing the same few pieces over and over (not at all exciting) 2. We haven't gone anywhere and have literally been in pj's and workout clothes until just before the Hubs comes home 3. I think I've lost my style mojo
However, school started this week and I have afternoon carpool duty which means I have to put on clothes.  And since I like to look somewhat put together I decided to photograph today's ensemble. Hopefully this will inspire me to continue on this path and be held accountable each day.

Top: H&M (old)
Shorts: H&M (old)
Earrings: H&M (old)
Shoes: Mossimo for Target

Also rocking (or attempting to) the front braid. It's way to hot to bust out the flat iron or have my hair on my face so I've been playing around with alternate styles to stay cool.

I've worn this outfit before in the fall but never really rocked it in warmer weather so I enjoyed the casualness of the …

Chubbsy wubbsy - 6 month review

For some reason with Baby Bear time is just flying by. Oh it doesn't feel that way at 2am when he's whining & won't go back to sleep but . Half a year has gone by since we brought him home. Half a year. My oldest starts 5th grade tomorrow. I have no idea what is happening. Every stage we enter into is like a brand new discovery and I am enjoying it more and more. Although still not getting enough sleep as Carson is hitting all these developmental milestones at once. He's mastered rolling over both ways. He sits steadily now with only a few crashes here and there but at least he's somewhat figured out how to fall gently..... This past week his sleep patterns have been out of control and he has been inconsolable a few nights and then this morning I noticed he cut his first tooth!
What the duck!?
So the first bottom tooth has pushed through and the second one should make it's appearance any day now.
I will be happy when its all over as he has not been a fun g…

Inked - On being a tattooed mama

Currently I have four tattoos and I am jonesing to add another to my collection.
The first three (butterflies) were all obtained when I was a youngster in college and really all about expressing my independence. Some people were dying their hair crazy colors or piercing their eyebrows, lips, tongue. I got tattoos.
I loved them from the moment I got my first. Although admittedly I had some remorse and thought gangrene had set in when I woke up sore the next morning. (That may have been some latent guilt about my mother being upset combined with the way I slept)
However, that did not stop me from getting another a month later. And a then a third a few months after that.
My parents were less than thrilled. My mother in particular but it was too late by then.
I was hooked. 
I even went with D to get his first tattoo and helped choose the font for the script.
But then, as with all things, I was over it. I had my three and was quite content with them.
As time passed I even forgot they we…

Of House & Home

My mind is whirring a million miles a minute and I have so many images in my head its hard to nail them down.
I'm not focused on fashion or makeup for a change but rather another creative outlet.
Home Decor.
I've talked about it before. I spent a lot of time whilst pregnant thinking on ways to spruce up our this place and make it more our home.
But then it hit me a few months ago. This will never be our home so long as we are renting.
We can only do so much within these four walls. Kind of a bummer realization.
However, we hope to buy a home at the end of this year/beginning of next so that's exciting.
It also means we have been looking online at several homes and once again my wheels have been turning.
I have so many ideas when it comes to decor but those will all depend on how the house is laid out.  My sister in law asked what kind of house we were looking for and I was honest when I told her I was not afraid of something that needed a little work.  Thanks to my favori…

What's Crackin

I haven't really written about what we've been up to lately as I've gotten kind of lazy about it and perhaps it seems we haven't been doing as much? Or perhaps because I'm being super introspective lately and focusing on what's going on in my head. Oh and let's not forget my fashion wish lists. But we've actually been doing quite a bit around here. There have been birthday parties, and baby showers. Pool days and quality family time. Delicious dinners and take out. It's been a good summer. Last weekend we had the pleasure of attending the first birthday of D's goddaughter Madison. It was a super cute pink &navy nautical themed party and the kids had a blast.
All the decorations came together (I may or may not have had a hand in that)

But I have to hand it to Tenia for utilizing her resources!  My sister-in-love does catering and had a fantastic spread for us (sliders, crab cakes, ceviche, pasta salad etc.) and my cousin is a baker (she did…