What to Wear? Need your Help!

So next week is Babe and I's two year wedding anniversary.
It seems like we've been married for a lifetime (because we've been friends since college) and here we are two years into "officially" being a Mr. & Mrs.
We are celebrating this weekend with some fun activities and a dinner date on Saturday night.
Only my problem is.....what the heck do I wear?
It's been so long since we've gone on a date together and it's such a special occasion that I want to get a little bit jazzy.
live by this
I never want to be a boring or predictable wife 
(although I'm thinking that predictability in some ways is good - my personality doesn't really lend itself to that though)
So I don't want to wear something that he knows I would wear or has seen me in.
Even if it's pieces I already own.....I'd like to switch it up and keep him on his toes! 
Since I've worked so hard at losing the baby weight I kind of want to show it off and be a little bit sexy for my hubby!
It's not every weekend we get a night out on the town!
So here's where you come in......
I was trying to stick with whatever I have in my closet but am still kind of jonesing for something new....
perhaps a hi-low skirt or dress or even a romper?
Something I can rock with some fabulous heels and killer eye makeup.
(read utilize my new eyelashes)
one of my inspiration photos
But I don't want to spend over $60 so that limits me to Forever 21, H&M and Nordstrom Rack (all local stores)
Does anyone have any suggestions?????
These are just a few of the looks I'm gravitating towards.....

Blue dressUntitled #197, created by bamalulu11 on PolyvoreSimple yet classically chic
So Cute!Gasp! Gorgeousness!
Bright Colors! Love!Nicole Richie

Meanwhile I'll scour my closet and Pin board for some inspiration and see what I can come up with.


  1. They are all cute, but I like the blue dress or one of the horizontal striped skirts! Congrats on your anniversary- have fun at The Cellar!!


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