This week has been sort of slow motion.
With Sweet Pea off on "vacation" at her aunts house it was a very low-key 'we don't have to go anywhere' type of week.
My hubby was also off for three days in a row and that was great. 
It was nice to have him home during the day and to be able to grab a cat nap in the afternoon knowing he was there if the baby woke up.
We also had a lovely dinner out on our actual anniversary.
Photo: Anniversary celebration dinner @ddorsey5 #iloveteppan #wabisabi
anniversary dinner teppan table style
I was kind of bummed when he went back to work.
We went down to my dad's house on Wednesday just to hang out and he surprised us with an anniversary gift (his love language) and beautiful cards (my love language).
We finally have another digital camera!
No more dodgy cell phone pictures!! Hooray!
I'm still kind of thinking about getting a fancy DSLR type camera but I do love to be able to put my camera in my purse when we go out so we'll see.

I kept the older daughter of one of our good friends for a few hours while her mom was at work.
She's thirteen so it was super easy. She even packed herself a lunch and brought some math review work.
I like that. 
After giving the baby a bath I noticed a small spider above his crib.
I quickly sprinted down the hall to grab a shoe (with baby in arms) put him down in the far corner of the crib and climbed up on the rocking footstool that goes with the glider to gently squish said spider lest it decide to drop down into the crib and be lost forever.
Yeah, that didn't work.
It moved. So did I.
And then I fell. Hard. 
I hit my ribcage, wrist, knee and leg on the footstool and have been left with some pretty awesome bruises.
Photo: What happens when you try to kill a spider in your baby's room while perched on top of a rocking footstool? You fall #bruised&battered #thatswhatmomsdo
that darkish blur on my leg? yeah that's NOT supposed to be there

Babe heard the ruckus and asked if I was okay. I weakly said yes and informed him of the spider issue.
He squished it with no problem.

Having your best friend as your hair dresser is beneficial in more ways than one.
I text her on Thursday to see if she could squeeze me in on Saturday and she said yes.
My hair was gross y'all.
Hence all the pony tail / bun / hat wearing of the last few weeks.
I left the baby at home and had a few hours to talk to her while she made me pretty.
Photo: Center part #tryingsomethingnew #newhair #hair

We both decided we need to do something different with our hair.
Thinking about adding some ombre style highlights but until then I let her part my hair down the middle.
I've never done that and am still getting used to having my hair off my face.
I am so happy we had that time as I love being able to catch up like that. 
Talk, be silly and serious.
Discuss important topics (hair, makeup, eyebrow maintenance) that our significant others don't really want to spend hours talking about.
I can't believe we've known each for the last 7 years.
She's so rad.
We still need to plan a ladies night.
It's been so long since we've been out together.


Yesterday we picked up Sweet Pea today and spent some time with my sister/brother in-laws. 
And of course yummy food was involved.
Photo: Raspberry peach tart a la my paco #yum  #dessert
peach raspberry lemon tart courtesy of my baking soul mate

I've missed our Sunday dinners and love that we are all able to come together, contribute what we can be it time, conversation or something tangible like a dessert or side dish and just enjoy each other's company.
I did some crafting as I have been making banners and the like for an upcoming first birthday party for my hubby's god-daughter.
It's been kind of fun to flex my crafting muscles again but a little hectic to work out the timing with an active 5month old.
Speaking of the baby bear - he is getting all kinds of busy these days.
Eating a variety of foods and loving every one.
Sitting up and playing by himself while mommy makes her coffee (thank the Lord for that!)

and just generally being happy and chatting up a storm.
It's all going by so fast I can't believe it!

he sits!

I've been doing a lot of writing over here
And checking out other sites for inspiration for makeup ideas, future looks I want to create and how they do tutorials and tips.
I've been doing a lot of experimenting with style/fashion and my makeup as of late so I'm scouring the internet for ideas and deals on products.
I also created a Facebook page for this site (Sweet Peaz Corner) but it's still in progress so as soon as that's updated I'll let you know and I hope you'll become a fan!

This week has been a lot of reflection (on my part) and looking back at my writing style, focusing on my dreams and planning (or attempting to) for the future.
I am kind of excited about it.
After a recommendation from a friend I just purchased this book on Amazon
and I can't wait for it to arrive!
The Fire Starter Sessions: A Soulful + Practical Guide to Creating Success on Your Own Terms
I need something to help kick start my creativity and my business initiative again.
It can be tough staying motivated when you work from home, have two kiddos and the weathers nice and begging you to come to the pool!

Plus who doesn't love getting packages from Amazon?
I have a few other books on my wish list....ok who am I kidding my 'wish list'  IS mostly books and I am slowly making my way through them and adding them to my lovely collection.
I think we may need more bookcases.

What did you all do this weekend?


  1. Busy lady, but busy with the best things! :)

    And your story of the spider situation would absolutely happen to me. I am constantly squeaking "i'm okay.." from the other room to my husband. ha!


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