Monday a few hours after posting this about what to wear to our anniversary dinner, I found myself with a minutes to peruse the Internet (read: baby went down for a nap) and was shocked by what I found.
Almost exact replicas of my pinspiration outfits and ideas!
What the heck!???
That never happens!
I was so jazzed I don't even know what to do with myself!
Now I just need to find the time (read get motivated to get dressed and leave the house) to head to my local H&M and Forever 21 to see if they have the items in my size.
Double score?
It's all under my $60 budget.

From H&M
$17.95 Top | H US
Only $24.95 Product Detail | H US


classicSimple yet classically chic

Pleated Surplice Romper | FOREVER21 - 2000045599 $22.80

$13.50 Crisscross Romper | FOREVER21 - 2000036958

ASOS PETITE Exclusive Playsuit With Plunging Neckline $62.97Nicole RichieCute

Now my only issue is......what to do with my hair?????

*I know these last few posts have been totally vapid and vain but it's hot and I'm trying to keep it light while I sort through some things that are a bit deeper......


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