saving graces

Do what you can.

My friend JJ wrote a great post about life savers that was inspired by this post and it got me to thinking about what is saving me right now.
I was inspired  by her list so I decided to hop on her idea bandwagon and make a list of my own.
I tend to live in my head a bit and it was nice to kind of focus on the good instead of all the 'variables' that stress me out on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.

- lunch with my hubby, father and baby boy
- good friends who make me laugh
- quality time with the hubby to reconnect and relax
- yummy dinners out 
- long summer days and nights
- text chats with my brother
- long talks with my father
- having family that wants to spend time with my kids
- being able to help out friends in a pinch
- the faces my little one makes after nursing in the middle of the night. I just want to squeeze and squish his cheeks!
- celebrating milestones with friends
- sending out thank you notes
- waking up to my baby bear singing into the monitor
- day dreaming about owning a home of our own &decorating it the way I see it in my head
- blogging
- writing just because to exorcise my inner demons and get my thoughts out of my head
- the baby gifts that keep on giving (the magic baby bullet food system, breast pump, and endless amounts of donated clothes)
- a husband who supports, listens and truly cares about my inner thoughts and dreams

what's saving you right now?


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