If you knew me.....

Once again I was cruising the blog-o-sphere and came across Casey Wiegand's blog (which I've seen a few times and am always impressed by how cool she seems) and her Thursday post : If you really knew me.
Made me think about how a lot of times I think things but do not say them for fear of people's reactions if they 'really knew me'.
But I was inspired by a couple of the other blogs so here goes:
just a soul....
If you really knew me you'd know that I am sarcastic more often than I'm not and that's mostly a defense mechanism.
You'd know that I really don't like being told what to do or how to do it
If you really knew me you'd know that I am incredibly sensitive and tend to wear my heart on my sleeve.
You'd know that I love to write and am petrified to put myself out there for fear of rejection.
If you knew me you'd know that I can eat a whole bag of 'homemade' chocolate chip cookies all by myself. For breakfast.
You'd know that french fries are my absolute favorite food in the world. chips & salsa accompanied by rice & beans is a close second.
If you really knew me you'd know that my heart desires to be present in my friends lives. To be wanted and sought after as a friend and to be available to them.
You'd know that I desperately wish to be successful without sacrificing time with my family. It may be contradictory but that's exactly who I am.
If you really knew me you'd know that I am blissfully enjoying my time at home with my kids but sometimes miss the hustle and bustle of going in to work.
You'd know that I love getting comments on my blog and feel sad when what I think is a great/open/honest/ heartfelt post gets no love.
If you really knew  me you'd know that I stress just as much as the next person but make it a point to focus on the positive and  rely on my faith that  'this too shall pass'.
You'd know that I am terrible  with money and spend it  almost as soon as I get it.
If you really knew me you'd know that this year has been more difficult than I imagined but  all that  I've experienced has been  life changing.
If you really knew me you'd  know how passionate I am about doing makeup and that it makes me happier than  fresh baked cookies.
You'd know  I love cheesy pop music and Saturday night dance parties with my daughter.
If you really knew me you'd know that I used to write poetry and even fancied myself talented at one point.
You'd know that I crave time alone with my husband as much as I do a girls night out and sleeping in  on Saturdays.
If you really knew me you'd know that  I am 100% committed to making Sweet Emotions Makeup Artistry become successful. In  my own time and in my own definition of success.

If I really knew you what would I know?


  1. Amber, I think we are quite possibly long lost soul twins. Except for the makeup stuff of course. But other than that? Yes. If I thought I "got you" before, I KNOW I "get you" now. So glad to have met you through the blogosphere :)

  2. I could just squeeze you right now.

    And why? Oh, why don't you live closer to me?

    I adore you more than you'll ever know and I swear/promise that I will pursue you with the effort that you deserve.

    Love you forever.
    Amber V.


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