Friday Finds

So its finally Friday
(can I get a whoo hoo!!???)
And I am definitely looking forward to the weekend.
It's been a fun week but hot as blazes and humid which is no fun for a small baby who's trying to nap.
So hopefully it will get cooler in the coming days.
If not I will be rocking the up-do/messy bun for the next week or so

I haven't posted much this week as I'm doing research for other articles and projects but I have been active on the 'net and found some pretty funny/cool things.

These eCards were cracking me up the other day.
Forever 39 one ever (besides all of the other wine ecards I love.)

not that i do this...

I love cupcakes

So true and so funny.

I made this last night. 
In the crock pot ~ Chicken breasts, enchilada sauce, taco seasoning, shredded cheese, and green onions.  add some cilantro to the top, then served up in soft tortillas...Consider it done.

It was tasty.
We will be using the leftovers for nachos this evening.

A few weeks ago I discovered J's Everyday Fashion and it's rocking my world.
She basically takes outfits seen in "the fashion world" or on celebrities and re-creates them.
I'm happiest when I find someone who wears practical clothing and incorporates trends without breaking the bank.
I would wear pretty much all her outfits.
Hooray for me - bad for the bank account.
Some of my favorites
love this dress!! via J's Everyday FashionNeon!! - via J's Everyday Fashionso cute! via- J's Everyday Fashion
This is probably the greatest site ever! She takes magazine looks and copies them from stores we would shop at!

I also want to make these:
chocolate peanut butter CUPCAKES

but should really be eating this:
watermelon & feta salad

at some point I need re-create this:
peacock eyes
Because Peacock eyes are AWESOME and perfect for a trip to Costco.

I've also discovered the utterly fabulous Simply Chic
Her style is exactly as the title of her blog and I'm seriously stalking her on Pinterest.
She's got some killer taste.
A pair of Gap yellow jeans, as featured on the blog Simply
booties and boyfriend jeans via simply chic: writings on the wall

And this quote pretty much sums up where I'm at in my career/work life:

Yup - thats what I must do so I'm scheduled for a busy weekend of  writing/brainstorming, making up faces, dressing up my Sweet Pea for a Mad Hatter themed birthday party and trying to squeeze in some QT with the Mr.

What have you been up to all week?


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