This holiday in the middle of the week has got me all turned around.
Having my husband home two extra days did not help with getting my days straight either.
So I find myself on yet another Monday slightly startled that it's "Monday already???"
But this weekend....well it was just what the doctor ordered.
I had a bridal consultation Saturday morning and that was super fun.
It always makes my heart happy to meet a bride, get to know her a bit and create a look that she'll love and have forever and ever.
It was a great appointment.
Afterwards I smashed down to the LBC to go have a 'mommy date' with my good girlfriend Amber.
Yes we have the same name.
We were also pregnant together a few short months ago.
So I had the idea a few weeks ago that if she was feeling anything like I was, she would appreciate and enjoy an afternoon of girl time.
I told her I would take her someplace classy.
Where the salsa was fresh & hot and the margaritas were refreshing
So we headed to our favorite hole in the wall in the swanky city of Cypress
(sarcasm font would be so appropriate right now)
got a fresh round of chips Y salsa and settled in with two adult beverages for a much needed chat.
Photo: Mommy date #elzarape #mexicanfood #margaritatime
I LOVE that girl.
I honestly can't even begin to use words to express how much she means to me.
It has been a while since I've been 'out', much less been out with one of my girlfriends sans kids.
It was so nice to just linger over our food and not be searching for dropped paci's/ bottles/ toys etc.
We were able to catch our breath.
It made me so happy.
Our conversation ran the gamut of topics but we lingered on our Love Languages and how we've evolved as women in the last few months and even since we met two years ago.
It was the respite we both needed.
One I was longing for and had not realized it until it occurred.
We laughed, sighed and shared our hearts until it was time for me to head back to my abode.
My heart was full and happy & my crazy was put on the back burner for a few much needed hours with my friend.
It's funny how that works isn't it?
Spend a few hours with a girlfriend and suddenly you feel like yourself again!
It always makes me all warm and fuzzy when I realize how much I love my girls and how grateful I am for them in my life.

Amber and I got down to some nitty gritty chat and I even learned a few things about myself.
It's interesting to see me through someone else's eyes for a change and her comments were so helpful, poignant and of course, right on time.

On the way home it just reinforced my belief that women need other women friends to spend time with.
To sit back and laugh at the joys of motherhood and being female.
To listen and share about our life experiences.
We need to stop comparing ourselves, judging each other and let go of the negative.
Lift each other up, support one another and sometimes.....we just need to shut up and listen.
We would learn so much about ourselves and our friends if we all just took a moment out of our busy lives to  stop and catch our breath.


  1. Absolutely agree! Also, can I please crawl into that picture of Mexican food and live there? Thanks. :)


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