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This week has been sort of slow motion. With Sweet Pea off on "vacation" at her aunts house it was a very low-key 'we don't have to go anywhere' type of week. My hubby was also off for three days in a row and that was great.  It was nice to have him home during the day and to be able to grab a cat nap in the afternoon knowing he was there if the baby woke up.
We also had a lovely dinner out on our actual anniversary.
I was kind of bummed when he went back to work. We went down to my dad's house on Wednesday just to hang out and he surprised us with an anniversary gift (his love language) and beautiful cards (my love language). We finally have another digital camera! No more dodgy cell phone pictures!! Hooray! I'm still kind of thinking about getting a fancy DSLR type camera but I do love to be able to put my camera in my purse when we go out so we'll see.
I kept the older daughter of one of our good friends for a few hours while her mom was at work. She&#…

If you knew me.....

Once again I was cruising the blog-o-sphere and came across Casey Wiegand's blog (which I've seen a few times and am always impressed by how cool she seems) and her Thursday post : If you really knew me. Made me think about how a lot of times I think things but do not say them for fear of people's reactions if they 'really knew me'. But I was inspired by a couple of the other blogs so here goes: If you really knew me you'd know that I am sarcastic more often than I'm not and that's mostly a defense mechanism. You'd know that I really don't like being told what to do or how to do it If you really knew me you'd know that I am incredibly sensitive and tend to wear my heart on my sleeve. You'd know that I love to write and am petrified to put myself out there for fear of rejection. If you knew me you'd know that I can eat a whole bag of 'homemade' chocolate chip cookies all by myself. For breakfast. You'd know that french fries ar…

saving graces

My friend JJ wrote a great post about life savers that was inspired by this post and it got me to thinking about what is saving me right now. I was inspired  by her list so I decided to hop on her idea bandwagon and make a list of my own. I tend to live in my head a bit and it was nice to kind of focus on the good instead of all the 'variables' that stress me out on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.
- lunch with my hubby, father and baby boy - good friends who make me laugh - quality time with the hubby to reconnect and relax - yummy dinners out  - long summer days and nights - text chats with my brother - long talks with my father - having family that wants to spend time with my kids - being able to help out friends in a pinch
- the faces my little one makes after nursing in the middle of the night. I just want to squeeze and squish his cheeks! - celebrating milestones with friends - sending out thank you notes - waking up to my baby bear singing into the monitor - day dreaming …

WIWW - date night edition

Last week I basically gave up in the fashion department. I have a pile of laundry that is calling my name and all my 'favorite' items are in various states of dirty. Spit up seems to be the overwhelming accessory these days so it's been a bit harder than usual to rally. But then I thought of Tim Gunn
So I did.
And once I did I was quite pleased with the results and I felt better about myself. Who knew? Thursday I remembered I had a romper in the closet and threw it on after spending hours in pj's and then a bathing suit. I do love a romper. It's beyond simple, going to the bathroom is kind of a pain but it looks cute and always put-together and these days....I crave that.
Romper: Unknown Shoes: Havianas Necklace: H&M
Friday I met the Hubs at a park where his work group was having a 'field day' of sorts. This was easy and simple. I think the last time I wore it was last summer when I was pregnant with Carson.

 Dress: H&M (old) Chambray Shirt: Nordst…

Year 2

Two years ago today I woke up super early with a green-eyed blonde in my bed, butterflies in my stomach and million things on my to-do list. By 2pm that afternoon I was all smiles.
By 3:30 I was READY. TO. PARTY.
In front of our closest friends and family we vowed to spend the rest of our lives together in humor and sadness, through Laker championships and losses and to stay loving and laughing as long as we both shall live. It was a great day.
Although it has only been two years since we said I do and we are still in the infancy stage of our married life it seems like we have grown so much. This time last year we were headed to Vegas to celebrate with a little known secret
(Baby Ninja was on board!)
The year before that we spent a week in Cabo San Lucas soaking up the sun and enjoying our newlywed status. This year we spent the day together just the two of us. Something we don't often get to do these days. It was heavenly.
We started out with a couples massage and ended …

5 months

Hard to believe that it was only 5 short months ago that I woke up swollen and round for the last time. When we welcomed Carson into the world I did not anticipate time passing as quickly as it has. It seems impossible that he is already been here for five months. Granted the first few weeks were quite rocky but this little guy has changed my life in so many ways. Being a mother is life altering. Being a mother of two after a 9 year gap is mind blowing. Just when I think we've gotten into a routine, he goes and changes things up. Fortunately I tend to adapt to change quite easily. Adapting to sleep deprivation....not so much. But this too shall pass. That much I know. I am really taking it all in with him. Enjoying each moment, each coo, squeal and shriek. Even the stinky poop. And oh yes, the poop is off the charts these days. We have introduced solids and it is a variety of colors. (sorry...a little TMI I know) I love that he has such a healthy appetite. Avocados, Zucchini, Peas…

Lost in the Struggle

Lately I have been struggling a bit with direction. Finding it. Sticking with it. Being inspired. You know the drill. I am generally inspired by the Internet, blogs I read and Pinterest accounts and while that hasn't really changed. There's something in me that maybe has? I don't know. I have been thinking more and more about writing seriously or attempting to apply for any type of online writing position as a potential free lance writer for a number of sites. I get very excited about these things and then....somehow, someway, I drop the ball. Perhaps I am sabotaging myself? Perhaps I think I am not good enough?
That no one will hire me?
Or worse that no one will want to read what I have to say?   Who am I to think that I should be getting paid to write in some way? And then a little voice says....
"You do. You are just as good as all those other bloggers and "real writers" out there. You have just as many ideas and a unique perspective to lend." But t…

WIWW - Weekend Edition

I'd been doing pretty good about taking photos of what I've been wearing and then around Thursday of last week.....I just gave up. It could've been because it was disgustingly humid or just that I was tired of thinking. Or it could be that I need to do laundry. Not sure. I did manage to pull it together for two days but I spent most of yesterday in a bathing suit, cover up and fedora. That's summer for ya! With this one I was inspired by a Polyvore boardfrom Pinterest and thought - I have all those pieces, I can totally re-create that. And I did. Minus the jacket & the scarf Because I'm not totally nuts to wear a denim jacket in 90 degree weather.

 Tank: Mossimo for Target Skirt: Old Navy Belt: Forever 21 Necklace: H&M (old) Shoes: Mossimo for Target Earrings: H&M (old)
This is my - it's hot and it's the last day of swim lessons get-up...... I would've rather have just worn my bathing suit.

Dress: Forever 21 (old) Necklace: H&M Earr…