Aaaand we're back!
My oh my have things been a bit crazy around here!
Last Monday we took off  with the kids for Palm Springs for a few days of fun, sun & relaxation with some friends & their kids only to return Wednesday afternoon with just enough time for me to do a few loads of laundry & pack the suitcase for Baby Ninja and I's flight to Ohio Thursday evening!
We had a blast in the desert and we definitely needed the quick getaway.

On the road!

ready to hit the pool!
 Baby Ninja got to swim in the pool for the first time ever and he was IN LOVE!
And then he promptly slept for approximately 3 hours allowing me to eat lunch and have a nap!
don't let that face fool you - he thoroughly enjoyed his pool time

mommy also enjoyed the pool

doesn't everyone put their pack-n-play in the closet?

We stopped at Cabazon on the way home for an impromptu shopping trip and everyone left with a bag so in my mind that equals success.
I spent most of Wednesday evening finalizing what all I wanted to pack for our trip to Ohio the following evening and attempting to rest.
I must admit I was a bit stressed to be flying with the baby and my makeup.
My god sisters decided to get married a day apart this past weekend and I was one of the makeup artists for both events and I needed to make sure all my goods were secure.
And I had to cart around the baby, carrier, stroller, diaper bag etc.....
It had all the makings of a major disaster but fortunately my mother was with me and was able to carry my makeup bag as her 'carry-on' item.
Crisis averted.
The Ninja did quite well on the flight out.
He was wide awake in the airport and finally dozed off just before we boarded the plane, which was good considering we left at 11:30pm!

take-off = take a nap

We had 4hrs of flight time and he only woke up once and went right back to sleep.
 By the time we landed at 6:50am Friday morning my arms were sore from holding him and I had to pee something terrible.
We hit the ground running and headed straight to my god-sisters house
(which is just FABULOUS btw - I want to transplant it here so I can live in it)
We finally got to our hotel and promptly crashed out for about 3+ hours.
When we woke up Carson was antsy so I threw on the baby bjorn to take him for a walk.

ready to mingle!

We went to the lobby and found most of our friends & family in the bar so we decided to stay and hang out!
He was so personable, smiling for all the ladies and then he promptly passed out whilst in the carrier.
The next morning I was up at the crack of dawn as wedding #1 was to begin at 10:30am!
I made sure I had all of my gear packed and headed to the venue.
I was so happy to be able to be a part of this wedding and not just a spectator.
Terri is my oldest god sister and she has been an integral part of my upbringing and I couldn't be happier for her and Stephen.
beautiful bride #1

Terri's was an exquisite garden wedding that had all these perfect details right down to the custom cocktail napkins in the bathroom.
I wouldn't expect anything less from this super organized and detail oriented lady.
She's the one who taught me all I know about shopping, organizing and keeping it classy.
wine, champagne & water....ohh yeah

wedding outfit #1

tired baby
Wedding#2 took place Sunday evening in a wonderfully intimate candlelit ceremony.
Mysheika was absolutely radiant and I had a blast hanging out in the bridal suite helping the girls get
the bride and her newly married sister

beautiful bride #2
I must say it was pretty cool to be doing the makeup of women I have looked up to my entire life.
And it was also great to be seen as a real adult. (I've always been the baby)
my brother!
My brother also flew out from Atlanta for the wedding and finally got to meet his nephew and I finally met his girlfriend!
Spending time with my big brother is always hilarious as we both have the same dry, warped sense of humor.
Most of the people I knew at the wedding I have known my entire life.
My parents have known them since they all lived in Michigan once upon a time and all of us kids grew up together.
Now the "kids" are all grown adults with children of their own.
My favorite line of the weekend was from the brother of a family friend :
"When did Amber grow up!!???"
While you were away at school Johnny. While you were away.
he got fancy for the cocktail party reception
The reception was cocktail party style and one of the best reception parties I've ever attended.
(aside from my own)
The DJ was playing all the old school jams (does that make me sound ancient?) and Carson and I danced the night away.
Yes, I took my little man out for a whirl on the dance floor and he loved it.
He also passed out about halfway through then woke up ready to go again!
its all in the details
By Monday we were all pooped and it seemed like Baby Bear was coming down with a cold so I was more than ready to board the flight home.
ready to go home!
We finally arrived at LAX around 9pm and after dropping off my mother we drove straight home.
I was overjoyed to see Mr. D as I missed him terribly
(wedding's make me quite sappy and remind me of my own special day)

Now we are finally back and faced with a mountain of laundry and other domestic duties!

I'm so glad I was able to see two of my favorite people make the wonderful commitment to the loves of their lives.
I am over the moon happy for them and was blessed to be in attendance at such lovely events.
And the fact that I also got to showcase my makeup skills makes me even more excited!!

Congratulations Terri and Mysheika.
May you have long and fruitful unions full of laughter, growth and most of all love.


  1. AWWWWW....I LOVE him in his Tux / onsie!!

  2. What a wonderful week! I must admit I was wondering if you had fallen off the face of the earth! ha! But so glad it all went smoothly and you had a great time. I'm amazed at your travel with a baby skill!


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