simple things

This is the first 'official ' of summer vacation and I must say we have been pretty lazy.
Mostly because we are recovering from our week long vacation + travel extravaganza the first weekend in June and then from the birthday festivities last weekend......I am exhausted.
My brain has been on hyper drive for two weeks straight and I've had a strong desire (need) to take it easy.
So we have been.
Simple early dinners, hanging out around the house, reading books, going for walks around the neighborhood.
It's been pretty peaceful.
I am overjoyed to not have to get up and do hair at 7:30 every morning and to have a baby bear who consistently wakes up happy and chatty.
Here are some of my favorite things this week:

* that moment when you look at the two people you made and realize how blessed you are to watch them grow each and everyday
Photo: With our stunna shades on #babyninja  #fashion #familystyle #stunnashades
put ya stunna shades on!
* when your husband comes home from work and starts cracking you up even though you're exhausted
* getting asked "are you going to leave the house today?" while grasping for a few extra minutes of sleep
* staying in your pajamas well past noon
* opening all the windows & blinds first thing in the morning and letting the sun shine in
* picnics on the floor with your mini me while watching movies
* afternoon walks around the neighborhood w/ a little girl who enjoys pointing out the sights to her baby brother who sings his appreciation
* a baby bear who passes out in your lap after the mid-day walk
Photo: Don't wake me, I drank too much last night. Poor baby sang himself to sleep #boobybeer #daydrinking #babyninja
"don't wake me - I drank too much last night"

* a husband who works half days and comes home early to play

Life is looking pretty good.
No rushing hither tither and yon to get things turned in on time or

How is your summer going?


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