Gathering the Girls

My daughter had a mini sleepover the other night with one of her BFF's that (fortunately) lives around the corner from us.
And by around the corner I mean walking distance which I think is fabulous.
Anywho - I was watching/ listening to them chat  and play the other day and it made my heart happy that she has a friend she can do that with and she is getting to the age where she wants to do that quite often.
Girl time is very important whether you are 10 or 40.
And then I read my friend Rachel's blog post about how she and her girlfriends get together every other week and there was a little twinge in my heart.
I miss my girl time.
It's been awhile since we had a ladies night. Either in or out.
Everyone's schedule is jam packed these days with work, new babies, summer activities and just....well stuff!
I think it's high time we ladies got a little more consistent with our gatherings.
At least my ladies need to anyway.
My friend Heather has a fabulous Etsy shop and she posted these cute invitations on Facebook a few days ago
wine & cheese // printable invitation

And then I was watching HGTV and it was giving suggestions to use chalkboard contact paper and slat slabs to host a wine tasting night and I thought to myself, "Self - the world is trying to tell you something".
It doesn't help that I received to yummy bottles of wine for my birthday so clearly there is a theme happening here.

I need to host a wine tasting event at my house!
The only issue is when will there ever be time?
July is pretty busy already what with our anniversary and the family picnic among other happenings and August is starting to fill up with weddings (whoo hoo! business is picking up!).....
Ideally I'd like to do it while the weather is still nice and the night seems forever young.....
so who knows.
And as much as I would love it to be "pinterest perfect" I may just get crazy and throw something together and not care about the decor but rather focus on the company.
Because, let's face it the company is what's really important anyway isn't it?
I love/crave quality time with my ladies and I think we are long overdue for a night of laughter, snacks and some relaxation.
I can see it now....twinkling candlelights on the patio, a variety of wines and cheeses, mini bruschetta bites and fresh fruit.
The clink of glasses mixed with the sound of  chatter & laughter from ladies just letting their hair down for a few hours.....
Sounds like I need to get my party plan on!

What do you and your girlfriends do for your ladies nights?


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