For all the Men in our lives

Today is a Father's Day and being that I have an awesome husband who is a great father and that I'm a total "Daddy's Girl" it seems only appropriate that I write a little sumthin sumthin.

To my husband:
who works so hard to provide for our family
who takes care of us in a way that no one else can
who loves to make his kids laugh and spends hours explaining the mundane to those with perpetual questions
who makes me laugh til I cry daily
who listens to all my hare brained schemes and flights of fancy and simply says "okay"
who is my best friend and lets me just be me
who agreed to being the breadwinner so I can stay home with our kids and follow my makeup artistry dreams.
Thank you.
You are an amazing man and father.
I couldn't have asked for a better support system for me, a partner in life and father to my children.
We have been so blessed with these two little wonders and I am grateful that they have you to look up to.
I love you.

To my Father:
There are no words to express the magnanimous amount of  love & gratitude I have towards you.
You listen to me, you laugh with me (and sometimes at me) you talk to me and not at me.
You are not just my father you are also my friend.
You gave me an example of what a man should be and I am so pleased you approve of my choice in mates.
You picked me up whenever I fell (no matter my age)
You give of your time and energy whenever I need it
You instilled in me a distinct love for language, order and a small bit of chaos.
You taught me to follow my dreams and keep God first and it will all work out in the end.
You are always there for me. 
You are a wonderful 'Papa' and I am so glad my kids get to grow up with you in their lives.
Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do for me and my family.

To the "Uncles" 
(Al, Muji, Ryan)
You all are raising fantastic kids.
You go above and beyond what some deem necessary and then go a step further
You support not only your kids but mine as well
You have shown up to countless birthday parties, cookouts and appreciated many a drawing and story telling.
You let them climb on your and hug your knees and give out countless squeezes and tickles.
They enjoy it.
Thank you for being there for our kids.

We love you so much and are so happy to have you in our lives

Happy Fathers Day y'all!!


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