4 months - Baby Chronicles

This week will mark 4 months of being a family of four.
Seems like he's been here all along and then it seems so weird that he hasn't.
A lot has happened in four months.
Aside from the physical changes (this baby went from being a tiny ninja to a cuddly bear in 16 short weeks)
his personality is beginning to show.
And I am loving that.
He is such a happy baby about 85% of the time
The rest of the time he's cranky because he's either overtired or hungry.
We are actually getting more sleep (most nights) and it has made for a much happier household.
In the beginning I was happy for the help offered as I was recovering from surgery and couldn't do much.
Then I figured since I was home, I could handle it.
"I got it." became my mantra.
Oh how the mighty have fallen.
After one too many sleepless nights followed by a long day and almost messing up the 4th grade mission project.....I reached out to my hubby for his assistance.
I was specific in what I needed and he was happy to oblige.
He even suggested we look into getting a house keeper to come in at least once a month and do the heavy cleaning.
Thank the Lord for that man!
I wanted to get into my feelings and  be resentful for a minute
(what you don't think I'm capable of managing a home, taking care of the kids, laundry, dinner etc AND cleaning!??) 
and then I realized:
 a) it would be much more beneficial to me to get some extra help
b) my hormones had gotten the best of me and I was trippin'
c) I cannot do it all and it's high time I stopped making myself crazy trying!
I loathe doing certain chores (i.e. mopping) so I put them off and then by the time I get around to it ......well, it's kind of gross so it frustrates me even more.
Having someone else do it would not only save my sanity but I would have a clean house and not have to worry about when I will find the time!
He's a good husband.
Sweet Pea has also stepped up her big sister game - now that Carson is more 'fun' (i.e. he smiles, laughs and chats) she is more than happy to entertain him for a few minutes so mommy can ____________(pee, put dinner in the oven, take a shower, get dressed etc)
This has helped me immensely.
I've gotten better at managing my time and we are on a pretty good schedule so I can plan out when I can tackle business matters and on what days, give myself time to write for both blogs  and just have some morning me time.
Working out has been GREAT for my sanity as well.
Not to mention the results I've gotten.
Four months postpartum and I'm officially back in all of my jeans and clothing.
(toots own horn...beeeeep beeep!)
I am thrilled.
Now its really about maintaining a consistent workout schedule to keep me where I want to be and to have that release.
I still work out at a crazy hour (most days) but there is no longer that feeling of " OMG!!I HAVE TO DO THIS" if I miss one day in the week.
Overall we seem to have hit our stride and it feels so good.
In four months Carson has
been to San Diego & celebrated Cinco De Mayo
been to Palm Springs and gotten in the pool
had his first airplane ride all the way to Ohio
met a famous comedienne
ridden on a trolley
ridden in a limo
been to two weddings & danced the night away
and generally charmed all he's come into contact with
He wakes up chatty and ready to face the day full of coo's, toothless grins and ready to play.
He's begun to roll over from tummy to back and is working on going back to tummy and it's hilarious.
He makes the funniest faces and has a very 'serious' stare as he checks out everything and everyone.
He's begun to eat cereal (and make a mess while doing so) and is 18 pounds and 27.5 inches of fluff.
Watching him grow is awesome.
Photo: Someone tried cereal for the first time. I think he might like it @ddorsey5 #lunchtime #babyninja  http://instagr.am/p/MKAcP7sw9O/
I vaguely remember some of these moments with Sweet Pea but I was in such a haze after her birth that it all seems like a distant dream.
I cannot imagine my life without these two little precious beings.
I am so happy we waited this long to have Carson and are able to really enjoy all his antics while still being relaxed enough to know that the tough times are just a phase and 'this too shall pass'.
In the begining there were definitely some dark days and I feel like I have come so far as a mother in the last four months as well as a family.
Just as he has grown each day, so have I.
We are learning each others strengths and weakness
finding a middle ground between sleep deprivation and alertness
while laughing each and every day
 and that folks....is the best kind of progress.


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