3 decades plus 3 years more.......
This year my birthday kind of snuck up on me.
I'm usually thinking about it as soon as the weather starts to get warm but not this year.
I mean I guess having a baby in February could have been somewhat of a distraction.
Also the fact that I was swept up in the double wedding weekend the week prior to my special day was a huge factor.
It's quite odd to me that I'm actually this age.
What the heck?
Where has all the time gone?
I pretty much still think I'm in my late teens or early twenties most days.
Until I am around those who are in their late teens or early twenties.
Then I'm quite ecstatic I'm my age.
I've been out of high school for 15 years and that seems surreal.
Thanks to Facebook I see most of my high school friends on a daily basis as well as those I went to college with so the age thing tends to catch me by surprise at times.
It's kind of awesome as well.
I've known my husband for 14 years.
We have been married for almost two.
We have two beautiful children and a myriad of friends and family we have collected over the years.
I am growing a business I love and work is no longer that but pure pleasure and joy.
I actually couldn't be happier.
Life is really sweet these days.
We have tickets to the L.A. Wine Festival  thanks to my groovy brother and will be having a smashing BBQ on Sunday with good friends and family.
This is how I spend my birthdays these days.
I'm not really in the mood to go out dancing (although I'm sure to shake my groove thang in my kitchen) and I don't  want/need a big dinner or a bunch of gifts.
I'm not even putting up major decorations around the house, I want to be as low key as possible and enjoy the day.
I just want to chill out and have a good time with the people I love.

So, cheers to 33 fabulous years - I have all that I dreamed of as a young girl and a bit more than I ever thought I would.
Thanks in advance for all the birthday wishes and to my friends for coming over to hang out.

Once again it's on.......


  1. Happy Birthday Amber! Hope you have the greatest weekend, you are an amazing woman and I'm so glad to have "met" you :)

  2. Happy Birthday Amber!!!!! <3 <3


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