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What I'm wearing -Style Post

Time for another addition of What I Wore Wednesday with Lindsey! Have I mentioned before how much I love this concept because it keeps me accountable to wear real clothes everyday?
Which is especially hard during summer when we have no set schedule so it's totally acceptable to stay in pj's or workout gear until just before my husband comes home. However this week I've been slacking a bit - I rocked shorts and a v-neck tee two days in a row and spent most of yesterday in workout gear.....
so I'm going to do what all good bloggers do: post photos from last week when I was cute! Ha!
I rocked this outfit to the Playboy Jazz Festival at the Hollywood Bowl!
Total cost = under $60 #winning!

Father's Day Brunch I got a lil snazzy
Dress: Pure Sugar via Hautelook (old/ similar) Shoes: Qupid via my mafia girls (work friends)

After brunch we hung out with friends and I just couldn't bear to take of the killer heels

Top: 14th & Union - Nordstrom Rack  ( you'll notic…

Currently Craving

Do you ever get a massive case of the "I wants"? I know I do. In this age of technologyPinterest, Instagram and Facebook allow us to instantaneously share our most recent purchases and obsessions. It's great for sparking creativity where there is none and for discovering new things which I love. It also has a way of making me crave items I might not think otherwise about. And because my money is funny & my change is strange (i.e. I am on a budget) I have to post about these items and wait for them either to go on sale or get creative with what I got! Here are a few of my current craves:
An organized closet.
If I can't have a fancy walk-in-closet I'll be totally okay with these organized versions

Pops of color throughout the home with blacks and greys as nuetrals
This would be GREAT to house all our media items! And the color!! J'adore! A new graphic style rug

A sexy, yet classy outfit for our anniversary date

A fabulously fun & flirty skirt in the s…

Gathering the Girls

My daughter had a mini sleepover the other night with one of her BFF's that (fortunately) lives around the corner from us. And by around the corner I mean walking distance which I think is fabulous. Anywho - I was watching/ listening to them chat  and play the other day and it made my heart happy that she has a friend she can do that with and she is getting to the age where she wants to do that quite often.
Girl time is very important whether you are 10 or 40. And then I read my friend Rachel'sblog post about how she and her girlfriends get together every other week and there was a little twinge in my heart. I miss my girl time. It's been awhile since we had a ladies night. Either in or out. Everyone's schedule is jam packed these days with work, new babies, summer activities and just....well stuff!
I think it's high time we ladies got a little more consistent with our gatherings.
At least my ladies need to anyway.
My friend Heather has a fabulous Etsy shop and sh…

4 months - Baby Chronicles

This week will mark 4 months of being a family of four. Seems like he's been here all along and then it seems so weird that he hasn't. A lot has happened in four months.
Aside from the physical changes (this baby went from being a tiny ninja to a cuddly bear in 16 short weeks) his personality is beginning to show. And I am loving that.
He is such a happy baby about 85% of the time The rest of the time he's cranky because he's either overtired or hungry. We are actually getting more sleep (most nights) and it has made for a much happier household.
In the beginning I was happy for the help offered as I was recovering from surgery and couldn't do much. Then I figured since I was home, I could handle it. "I got it." became my mantra. Oh how the mighty have fallen. After one too many sleepless nights followed by a long day and almost messing up the 4th grade mission project.....I reached out to my hubby for his assistance. I was specific in what I needed and he…

For all the Men in our lives

Today is a Father's Day and being that I have an awesome husband who is a great father and that I'm a total "Daddy's Girl" it seems only appropriate that I write a little sumthin sumthin.
To my husband: who works so hard to provide for our family who takes care of us in a way that no one else can who loves to make his kids laugh and spends hours explaining the mundane to those with perpetual questions who makes me laugh til I cry daily who listens to all my hare brained schemes and flights of fancy and simply says "okay" who is my best friend and lets me just be me who agreed to being the breadwinner so I can stay home with our kids and follow my makeup artistry dreams. Thank you. You are an amazing man and father. I couldn't have asked for a better support system for me, a partner in life and father to my children. We have been so blessed with these two little wonders and I am grateful that they have you to look up to. I love you.

To my Father: Ther…

simple things

This is the first 'official ' of summer vacation and I must say we have been pretty lazy. Mostly because we are recovering from our week long vacation + travel extravaganza the first weekend in June and then from the birthday festivities last weekend......I am exhausted. My brain has been on hyper drive for two weeks straight and I've had a strong desire (need) to take it easy. So we have been. Simple early dinners, hanging out around the house, reading books, going for walks around the neighborhood. It's been pretty peaceful. I am overjoyed to not have to get up and do hair at 7:30 every morning and to have a baby bear who consistently wakes up happy and chatty. Here are some of my favorite things this week:
* that moment when you look at the two people you made and realize how blessed you are to watch them grow each and everyday
* when your husband comes home from work and starts cracking you up even though you're exhausted * getting asked "are you going to…

What I wore

You'd think with a birthday last weekend I would've taken some outfit photos but alas I did not. I got one image from the BBQ party on Sunday but that's it.

Dress: Target (here)
Shoes: Havianas
Earrings: Forever 21 Monday I barely got out of my jammies in time for Babe to come home So here's a quick round up of what I've worn so far this week:
Running random errands & kicking it at home

Skirt: GAP (old- similar style here)
Top: Nordstrom Rack
Shoes: Mossimo for Target (similar here)
And just for fun.....Baby Bear has on real clothes as well!

Heading to the Farmers Market with the kiddos

skirt: old navy
tank: Forever 21(similar)
shoes: Nordstrom Rack 

And here's what I may be wearing this weekend as we attend the Playboy Jazz Festival Saturday and to Father's Day Brunch on Sunday
Possible outfits for the festival:

Brunch Options:
The goal is to not purchase anything new for either event. I know - shocking for me to even utter that ou…