weight of the nation

You all know that I have been on a workout mission for the last 6 weeks.
It's no secret that I am much less disciplined about my food choices than I should be.
I am a french fry eating, chocolate chip cookie & cupcake baking, pizza loving mom.
But since having Baby Bear I have had to work hard to lose the baby weight. At first it was just incorporating workouts and then it was realizing that in order to get rid of the layer of chub, I had to modify the actual food that was going into my body.
In short, I had to change how I thought about food.
While pregnant I really didn't give much thought to how much I ate.
In the beginning (and while I was working) I gave into whatever sounded good that wouldn't make me nauseous.
Once I went on leave we ate pretty well balanced meals for the most part since I was home and able to cook about 80% of the time.
But postpartum is a different story.
I am breastfeeding so I want to be sure to provide my son with only the best nutrients while still maintaining a decent weight.
And clearly I'm not doing too bad on that since he's 16+ pounds.
So in recent weeks I've changed a lot of what I eat but not really what we, as a family, eat.
Then my husband went to the doctor and was encouraged to maintain a low fat diet to keep his cholesterol at a healthy level.
And I really started to look at what we had around the house.
Even though I believe "everything in moderation" I realized I had been focusing on just me and not us as a whole. I want us all to be around for a long time and to set good examples for both of our kids about making positive food choices.
I don't want them to view certain things as "bad" or dangerous, but I also don't want them to think that it's totally okay to just gorge on junk all the time either.
So in the last week or so my wonderful hubby has put his workout regimen into action and it's awesome.
I am so proud of him for making that decision and actually get up each morning and do it! 
We've also started taking a look at the food we eat each day and the portions that are going into our bodies.
I know he needs better snacks in his life.
 I've mostly purchased the things that I like that are sugar free or 100 calories so now I need to be more cognizant of what I choose to put in my grocery cart for all of us.
More whole grains, lean meats and tons of veggies and fruits.
It didn't help that last night we watched a program on HBO titled Weight of the Nation - a four part documentary series chronicling obesity in America. Each series focuses on a different aspect.
The first one CONSEQUENCES -talks about the scope of the epidemic and some of the health issues faced by the obese.
The second CHOICES - discusses how to lose weight, maintain weight loss and prevent weight gain.
The third and fourth CHILDREN IN CRISIS and CHALLENGES air throughout the week.
Both of those talk about what is going on with the kids in this country and then some of the forces behind obesity in this country.
It was very........thought provoking viewing.
After watching it, Babe and I are both extra committed to bringing healthier food into the house.
I'm not really worried about baby Bear as he only eats breast milk at this point and I have designs on starting him on homemade baby food when he's ready (thank you mother-in-love for the baby bullet!) but Sweet Pea is more of a challenge. 
She's very headstrong when it comes to what she will and won't eat.
If it's got 'fings' in it its not happening.
The good news is that she is actually eating vegetables these days (she's not happy about it but she eats them) but her snacks are not always the best.
She's not big on fruit and that's really my fault because I was a young mom who gave her what was quick and easiest so she wouldn't pitch a fit. (parenting fail)
But that ends now.
This summer we will be all about trying new foods and fruits.
I think we'll get back to going to our local Farmer's Market on Wednesdays and try one new thing each week.
We don't have to like it but we do need to test it out.
Because I don't want my family to be part of this epidemic and I want to lead by example.
So far we've gotten into the whole 'juicing' craze and have begun to drink the Naked Juice Green Machine Smoothie's about every other day.
I was sketchy at first due to the color but am kind of obsessed with them now.
I've also started to create quick snack packs (grapes in a baggie/celery sticks with reduced fat peanut butter) that are in the front of the fridge so we're more tempted to eat those.
Oh and the fat free muffins and whole grain bread have made their way into the house as well.

I know it's going to be a process to fully change what we eat and how we view food so stay tuned and see how it goes.

Do you have any healthy eating tips?


  1. Woohoo! We have been on that journey ourselves the last few months (I actually am going to mention it in tomorrow's post!) and boy is it a journey right? Have you seen Food, Inc.? Because that will change your perspective on the food industry, it sure did ours! Anyway, good for yall!


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