Weekend Review

Ahh Monday....usually somewhat of a drag or kind of slow going but today not so much.
We had a fabulous weekend as a quartet and went on our very first day trip adventure!
As a student in California our 4th grade Sweet Pea has to do a project on one of the California missions.
She chose Mission San Diego de Alcala.
So Saturday we took a day trip to go visit the mission, take a tour and get some photos.
It was the perfect day for it.
The weather was beautiful and the drive down was nice and relaxing.
The mission was stunning.
Arches, fountains and paved brick walkways.......
I have a thing for Spanish architecture so it was right up my alley and there was a peaceful energy surrounding the place.
Babe & Sweet Pea got a ton of great pictures while I pushed the baby bear around and enjoyed the scenery.
After we left the mission we headed into Old Town San Diego for some lunch.
Of course since it was Cinco de Mayo the place was packed with the majority of streets blocked off.
We managed to find a place to park and enjoyed the festive atmosphere and some yummy Mexican food at  the Cafe Coyote in Old Town.
Oddly Sweet Pea and I had been to this particular place a few years prior for my god-sisters 40th birthday celebration but I could not remember the name of the place (baby brain).
They are known for their handmade fresh tortillas and margaritas and it was all delicious.
I finally got my Strawberry Margarita that I have been craving and it was divine, even though I didn't finish all of it. 
Baby bear was not a fan of the loud drunk people on the patio behind us, combined with having been strapped into his car seat for several hours and desperately needing a diaper change - he was not a happy camper.
However once he had a clean bottom and was placed in the baby bjorn he was good to go.
We wandered the streets for a bit picking up a souvenir magnet for the fridge (yes, we are cheesy like that) and a shot glass to add to our collection plus a snow globe for Sweet Pea.
After a quick stop for some shaved ice we were on our way home.
We finally arrived home well after 8pm and were all worn out from the day's adventure.
Yesterday we had a quiet day at home catching up on the DVR, watching The Muppets Movie (hilarious) and just chilling out around the house.
I whipped up a lovely dinner (both of my people said I knocked it out of the box) courtesy the Pioneer Woman (yet again) and we relaxed for the rest of the evening.

In my opinion it was quite the perfect weekend.
Just the right amount of adventure mixed in with good quality family time.
Lots of laughs and memories made.
We definitely have to do that again.

What did you all do this weekend?


  1. What a wonderful weekend! Glad you enjoyed it and hope it helped you recharge :)


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